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  1. LB Adarius Glanton

    Dude is good, we are just stacked at LB. Best of luck to him, except week 17.
  2. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    Someone who wants to avoid hanging with their family should put all these hot takes together. Every team we've beat has the same exact gameplan, and it's been having the same amount of effectiveness in each game so far. 
  3. haven't even gotten through the first take segement - but I can see where this is going:    I like to hope everyone hearing/watching has the same reaction has the co-hosts when Skip starts talking on this issue:    
  4. This is probably the best thing I've seen all day

    sweet coding bro   e: well that actually owns
  5. Crazy yet not so crazy theory on Funchess.

    CharlottePanther posts insane threads -> we win games It's science people. 
  6. One Panther makes pffs all worst team

    Ed will probably make a few important catches this weekend and this thread will be bumped - careful what you say. Dickinson isn't as useless as made out to be. 
  7. One Panther makes pffs all worst team

    Panthers greatest weakness: Our Back-up TE. It could be worse dudes.
  8. More HoC GIFs needed for this terrible thread.
  9. Funchess Touchdown Gif

    I laughed. You did get the yardage really wrong tho
  10. So we just going to act like Addison wasn't full of it?

    Uh - seems like a really good smokescreen to me. Anyone that watched the Colts game saw one of our D's weakness was definitely quality rotations at DE.