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  1. GotSwag? added a post in a topic In October, What if i told you...   

    I'd like to see going into next season...

    Kemba, PJ, MKG, Zeller, Big Al starting.

    Mo, Stephenson, Marv, Vonleh, Biz off bench

    See if we can trade Henderson, maybe even Lance and Marvin. We should get a top 10 pick as well.

    I'm not giving up on Kemba and Al yet.
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  2. GotSwag? added a post in a topic Charlotte in discussions for acquiring Mo Williams   


    Roberts - Williams - EWilliams
    Henderson - Stephenson - Daniels
    MKG - Hairston - Taylor
    Zeller - Williams - Vonleh
    Jefferson - Biyombo - Maxiell

    Walker hurt

    That's some major guard depth
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