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  1. My CEO is Cooler Than Yours

    suh dude
  2. You can't keep Thomas Davis down

    I couldn't think of a more deserving player to get that ring. I might shed a tear when I see TD hoist that Lombardi.
  3. Love that TD knows he's gonna play
  4. So.. Another Appreciation Thread

  5. So.. Another Appreciation Thread

    It was a great shot and I'm glad that he had that moment.
  6. Pass rush without Allen

    yes after they quickly fell behind due to turnovers and an exceptional offense they were forced to only pass. David Johnson was carving us up
  7. Pass rush without Allen

    We rushed the passer better but our run defense suffered some without him. Yes I get the irony but it's the truth
  8. His arm is broken, but Davis is such a bad a$$ he says he's going to play through it. Link: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000627811/article/panthers-thomas-davis-suffers-broken-arm-in-win
  9. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    I'm so ready. Let's gooooooooooo
  10. Vikings Packers Game Thread

    what are the scenarios that are in play?
  11. Harrison and the Panthers

    He has essentially had to double down on his hate with all the poo he's talked. Nonfactor. At least Dungy gets to keep trolling him about it  
  12. It really was night and day and as a casual fan kind of confusing in 2013 to see how our offense did really well against 4-3 but horribly vs 3-4, even when some of the 4-3 had better over ranks as a unit and/or bigger names.  
  13. Rivera Leads Most Strategic Coaches

    The Buffalo game was the single best thing to happen Ron's career
  14. Saints week Part Deaux

    The heat has been brought, one of your best. I tip my hat sir.
  15. And then there was 1..

    Gronk's knee literally exploded. Even as an arduous Patriot hater I feel bad for him.