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  1. Sexting

    You're referring to emojis. There's also general sexting with just words. Then there's sending sexually explicit photos. Then there's sending sexually explicit videos. Then there's facetiming/livestreaming. Then it evolves to going to swinger clubs Next thing you know, you're getting a blow job from another woman while your wife is watching and all you can do is thank that eggplant emoji for setting this all up and then you realize that Dave Roberts screwed up a Clayton Kershaw Gem and you can't get off.
  2. Purrbacca was on tv today

    That's not him. @OnlyPantherFaninMaine is better looking and had one less letter in his first name
  3. Sexting

    So many rookies on here when it comes to sexting.
  4. HVAC question

    If someone backs out of buying the house because of rust on the AC coils, they didn't want the house to begin with!
  5. Got a relationship question...

    Respect yourself my man. Cut her loose.
  6. Got a relationship question...

    Honest answer: She's not ready for you because she doesn't want you but the money keeps her close. Sorry to be blunt but any person that really wants you will be with you. None of this excuse bullshit that she is coming up with.
  7. Los Angeles 2016

    I've seen $36 face value tickets going for over $350 per ticket. That's a little much but hey if that's what the market calls for. I'm trying to get as many tickets as I can so we can all sit together :-) Here's a screenshot of what the Rams emailed back to me yesterday after I inquired when I would get my tickets.
  8. Los Angeles 2016

    They haven't contacted me yet but I anticipate in the next few weeks. Im sure I'm in good company as I put my deposit in 5 minutes after it started. But I do plan on getting face value seats around $100 so that should put us in the lower bowl areas (hopefully).
  9. NFL Top 100 - Ryan Kalil #79

    Looking at the GIF of Kalil blocking Jefferson and Cam jumping over, i'm convinced that Jefferson could have put more of an effort in tackling Cam but he didn't want anything to do with that freight train (with Kalil's help of course)
  10. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    No Rockhead?
  11. Los Angeles 2016

    So 400 tickets have been released on the secondary market. I'm guessing that these are the first in the deposit line and are now being sold. http://www.razorgator.com/tickets/sports/football/nfl/los-angeles-rams-tickets/?performance=13489493%7C1
  12. Saints stealing ideas from The Huddle

    Great, can they trade for Norwood?
  13. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Considering Cam was threw 10 TD passes to a punt returner, I don't think it would matter who his bottom 3 WRs are
  14. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    I don't think it will happen either.
  15. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Benjamin Funchess Damiere Byrd Stephen Hill Keyariss Garrett Byrd + Hill's speed plus the return of Benjamin negates the need for Ginn. Keyarris has a greater upside than Bersin who he would be replacing.