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  1. Your final predictions (#30)

    Omg Myles Jack.... it's like getting a top 5 player for 2017.
  2. Los Angeles 2016

    I have free tickets this year :-)
  3. REPORT: Panthers interested in moving UP in 1st round

    Only player I can see trading up for is DeForest Buckner but he'll be gone in the next 3 picks
  4. Los Angeles 2016

    I put my deposit down and will purchase 8 tickets. I will sell all of them except for Nov 6 game.
  5. Las Vegas Raiders

    I would love this. Going to Vegas 2x every year during NFL season, that would be a great way to spend 3-4 hours.
  6. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Game changer Coleman
  7. Your final predictions (#30)

    All of Gman's hogmollies are gone and Corey Coleman is just sitting there like a diamond in the rough,
  8. I will double check but if you are planning smaller companies, LLCs cannot be owned by a corporation.
  9. You track mileage in a log. You have to create one. Another good thing about having a business is getting a lease and writing it off as an expense. Go ahead and get a new car every 3 years. I have 2 car leases at any given time and get a new car every 1.5 years. QB has an online version so you don't have to buy the software. I personally use QB even though my software has its own accounting. I just love the ease of use with QB. As for having separate places, I do not blame you. Too many distractions and temptations to go watch TV, go lay down, etc.
  10. Yeah would be like Jimmy Graham, soft like Charmin.
  11. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    I guess the Saint's 2 million offer didn't stick?
  12. Josh Norman must feel lost right now. It must suck knowing thatonly teams interested doesn't have any money to sign you.
  13. You can deduct your office space to include a portion of the things you use to help you run your business i.e. phone, electricity, cable, internet. Could help you on the short term until you get established.
  14. I liked the name Sanctum but here in Los Angeles, there is a Swingers club by that name so forget about it.