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  1. Super Cereal Insider info inside

    Would anyone like some tea and crumpets? This offseason is making my chest hair all tingly.
  2. Super Cereal Insider info inside

    Just like my Funchess thread last season ;) And the cheese goggles one...and the one about anal
  3. Super Cereal Insider info inside

    Just to clarify: no mayo ...and it's not about validity of posts, it's about the roll-out. It's like someone quietly stepping out of a corner to hint at something only to never really say much. It's great knowledge but someone that may be using too many Norwegian sex toys. At least go for the Latvian brands. And it's nice to see the wannabe hipster author indiana jones make his usual weird appearance. Kind of like the porcupine guy at the furry orgy.
  4. Super Cereal Insider info inside

    And maybe give some credit for their posts you directly copy...
  5. Super Cereal Insider info inside

    I love dildos. Note: Take this thread, set a bar, and then try to make yours better. It really shouldn't be that hard...but man, a few weeks before the draft and you're making threads about Colbert, Edwards, etc.
  6. Hey guys!--I'll wait until a ton of posters roll out their opinions and analysis on prospects then roll out cryptic one sentence bs about my insider information. I know stuff---That's all I'll say...until I see good write ups and other things... Mods: Keep it up with the click bait threads! I'll slowly roll out semi-coherent prospect articles based off others' posts. In the meantime, keep up with those one-liners and cryptic responses! -Photographer out!
  7. Cam in the pool...

    This is almost as bad as the terrible click bait Igo threads.
  8. I am curious about our potential interest in Bullard.
  9. Armanti Edwards....

    My reaction is it appears the owner of this place is bored.
  10. Sock Sraft -Sax Man Draft

    You can easily flip the scenario. I presume a talent we like will fall into the top-10 in the second and we trade up rto assure ourselves the prospect. Be it Henry, Henry, Bullard, or Cravens.
  11. Sock Sraft -Sax Man Draft

    I confirm you may flip 1 and 2 in your mind to appease your preference based on and CBS!
  12. This ain't no standard tomfoolery mock draft. I'm configuring a draft that would divide the board and stir up a lot of lively conversation like the Shaq, Star, and Devin picks have done in the past. Factoring in the one's that are already doing that combined with our scouting depts. apparent interest, this is my mock draft prediction for the big day (the numbers aren't necessarily by round): 1. Hunter Henry TE Arkansas Treadwell, Coleman and Doctson will be gone before our pick. The high 4-3 DEs as well. The pick therefore could come down between the likes of Ogbah, Derrick Henry, Hunter Henry, Vernon Butler, and a Ifedi type. I'm going with the guy that I think can not only contribute but seems like the best possible addition given that scenario. 2. Su'a Cravens SS/LB USC (Trade-up with picks/future pick) Skill position guy with a ton of upside. I get the idea more than any player, we want him on our squad. It's got that vibe. 3. Matt Judon DE Grand Valley State Looks like we like him and he fits our scheme. Good size, I like investing late rounds on the line. 4. Keyarris Garrett WR Tulsa This guy is going to make an NFL impact. Wide receiver becomes a BPA to compete/beat out/jump ahead the likes of Corey Brown, Norwood, Bersin, Hill, etc.
  13. Given we have such a rounded roster moving into next season and looking at Mr. Dave's drafts, I think it's possible we could have another trade up. The question is: Could this year be one that's a 1st round move-up? It's not realistic to think we could move very high but after the top 12-15 prospects, it's been mentioned around by scouts, insiders, and even casuals here that there's an obvious drop off. So, let's say someone in that top echelon falls due to bad teams drafting for needs: Can you see us making a move? And for who? Note: We've traded up for Devin, Bene, and Daryl. Something I've been thinking is that if Kevin Dodd or Treadwell are sitting there before Atlanta (there's a big chunk of 3-4 teams high in the draft), us and the Lions could be decent partners. Sex. Have at it

    I'm confused. You acknowledge they don't know you but they still make fun of you. Who's really taking it in the arse in that equation? "OMG it's an internet message board and they still think I'm a douche lollloolololololololol" The confident self-unaware are easily the worst part of the population nowadays.
  15. Why Weddle won't be a Panther

    *Insert slight at OP to garner a response that will no doubt resort to another weird huddle scuffle over thread-making and calling eachother kids!*