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  1. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    i wasnt going to say anything but Sammys tweet have been bat poo crazy for a while.
  2. Peppers easy, he is almost third all time in sacks.
  3. Speaking of failed physicals..

    I could see the Ravens having to pay Ryan Grant some money.
  4. Buffalo pissed all over your brackets
  5. I would like to think that he was looking retire and go in to broadcasting, Greg wouldnt wait till his audition to put the word out. maybe is something maybe its nothing but this feels like a future job.
  6. i feel like they havent watched him play at all...are they seeing something we missed? i am genuinely curious
  7. after looking at Ebron stats he has been very very productive, he had 711 yards in 16 and 500 in 17. he would instantly be one of the better pass catchers on our roster
  8. Ebron is the more talented but Willson seems to want it more...I want to say Ebron but i feel like Willson is the right choice.
  9. Cam & Kia pregnant again

    Cam stay shooting the club up every year.
  10. I think i like Ebron more than Willson but I would be happy with both.
  11. J-Stew to the Giants

    who knew Stew would be the first running back signed in FA?
  12. Moncrief to Jags

    No one knew they were day one signings before day one.
  13. Moncrief to Jags

    Son of a bitch..so much for my sleepers Richardson and Moncrief