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  1. countryboi

    Shady McCoy

    Shady is in bad way, he is ray rice, AP and Michael Vick rolled in to one...if any of this is true I can’t see him playing again.
  2. if they start charging for training camp I will just not go....its already hot as hell, I enjoy it but i can live without turning in to chocolate puddle on that hill.
  3. i expect everyone to be on a short leash, no one pays 2 billion dollars for anything and not want to put his stamp on it. Hurney is most likely toast unless we are amazing this year.
  4. countryboi

    Tina Becker has stepped down

    the writing was on the wall with the new owner but im sure she was well compensated.
  5. countryboi

    Best Drop Rates for Receivers last year

    Doug Baldwin is a beast, he is the player that reminds me the most of Steve today.
  6. Spartanburg is a great place for training camp, its far be not to far...its uncomfortable and hot just like training camp should be. Also Spartanburg as a town fuging sucks balls so they cant even get in trouble. what more do you need?
  7. countryboi

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Me myself, i think it should stay but if i was Tepper im going to have that poo ripped up tomorrow and replace it with one of myself with enormous balls
  8. man that link makes it look like they fined him 275 million.
  9. countryboi

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    im a fan of this.... https://qz.com/1315193/how-happiness-in-marriage-changes-over-time/
  10. countryboi

    A "Civil" war or a Civil War

    We are not on the verge of civil war, people in america are way to comfortable to go to war. you giving up your day job, house, and 401k to die for a cause? nah this is just crazy people say to dehumanize the other side.
  11. countryboi

    No minority partners

    what are the pros and cons of doing something like? i seems like a waste of money to me.
  12. I think 600 yards from Moore is a damn good season.
  13. countryboi

    REPORT: Charles Johnson planning to retire

    the game retired him two seasons ago.
  14. the whole point of this article is to nitpick teams for issues....im willing to bet Mccaffrey has more total yards than Kamara.