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  1. He seems like an amazing teammate. I know when I watch the Panthers I think you know what this team needs? More toxic players..
  2. yall sound like opposing teams fans, feel free to go root with them.
  3. The Pit of Misery

    fug this team.... Dilly??
  4. this team can not turn the ball over and give up two TDs...period we are just not good enough. you can put that on shula all you want but that was a lack of execution
  5. fug this team....i need a break from this poo its stressing me out
  6. how the fug are we losing this game
  7. we still going to win...no worries
  8. jesus....the bears defense hasnt done much to stop us, they got gifted two fuging tds
  9. Ryan Kalil

    he practiced and its looking like he is going to play
  10. I feel like I have seen this before somewhere and it didn't work out well the them.
  11. Lions claim Brad Kaaya

    I know how either one of these dudes looked in practice or what his work ethics are like but i know for a fact Kaaya is more talented that Gilbert. that alone should have been enough to keep him around
  12. i love what CMC brings to the team he is pretty much the best weapon we have and Panther fans do nothing but complain. that said i dont think he is ever going to be more than Tevin Coleman to another running back's devonta freeman.
  13. If you give teams a short field like that you going to lose
  14. I saw the Eagles team buses yesterday they must have been staying in South Park around the mall...of course i flipped them off because its what you do.