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  1. I was unaware that ticket takers were Panther employees..this kinda feels like a cheap way to try to tie this awful situation in with the Panthers.
  2. I think samuel has a chance its hard to judge because he missed so much practice time early in the season, this was pretty much a red shirt year for him. That said if Hills play is because of Andy Reid why the hell is De'Anthony Thomas not awesome?
  3. Anyone but the saints and the falcons..fug em both.
  4. Zero Percent

    I wonder how how long Ron has been planning this? It him and Norv are tight like they say, I bet his has been in the works for weeks after Ron bitched about the offense to his mentor
  5. Zero Percent

    He said he has a plan and he had a plan...remind me and this Raiders Coaching situation.
  6. Im ok with this, Norv is the best QB coach Cam could wish for and he is a better OC than Shula, its a win win for me
  7. It's been hours since this dropped on yahoo and I haven't seen anyone else talk about this outside of a shitty article.
  8. I can't tell if Norv is awful or Bridgewater is not very good.
  9. Predict Mike Shula’s next job

    College OC or Head Coach..I can see him going to some mid major school and doing well.
  10. Are we talking about the same coach that just went 11-5 with a pre school offense? I think the fact that he can with stand all his craziness makes him look good.
  11. well thats brutal....i wish i didnt even read this.
  12. I would rather have Robert Woods than Watkins but I would happily take Watkins over any WR currently on the roster
  13. fug em....im not even mad about the loss im glad they didnt get it on 4th down
  14. Good game, good season....fug the saints