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  1. Winning with grace

    We been dancing and actting an ass all season. You have to know that everyone is going to take their shots at you when you are down. We kinda did this to ourselves. That said I wouldn't have it any other way
  2. I am proud....

    its been amazing year better than i ever could have imagined....i love my team
  3. Good season, folks

    we have been a dick to pretty much everyone....its going to be a rough year next season
  4. Losers

    refs didnt make us fumble
  5. The Panthers players made me proud

    this game is going to burn a long time...
  6. its been a great pissed but i will get over it, looking forward to the off season
  7. the reality is the WR are just not good play call in the world is going to get this guys open when they are just not up to the task
  8. well its been real...this burns as much as any lost really ever
  9. im out....we are doing everything we can to lose
  10. I cant do it....they are killing me
  11. Broncos Playing Like They've Been Here Before

    The broncos are playing like they have all year. their defense has bailed the out and they continue to do it tonight. we have to limit turnovers and score points even field goals and we can win this. 
  12. New Half

    Cam was hype early missed some easy ones...we turned the ball over which is really the only way the Broncos can win. Cam has to go play he is the MVP he has to play like it.
  13. we should be winning this game.....the only way we lose this game is to turn the ball over and we did it
  14. Denver's Run Game

    Im worried about Peyton putting Denver in good situations to run the balll....his arm may not be what it use to be but his mind is still amazing
  15. most of these fans will be neutral or just hear because its the super bowl....they will root for who ever is winning