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  1. Is it still unbelievable to anyone else?

    I still dont know how we got here....if you would told me we would win 11 games and i wouldnt be happy with that. I would say you are fuging nuts
  2. Dallas Tears are Delicious

    when you are that delusional the fall is that much harder 
  3. 11-0 Pie

    Patti Pie!
  4. Kurt Coleman

    Kurt is quietly playing lights out...maybe better than Norman of late
  5. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    i hate to see that i dont want anyone to get hurt....damn Romo
  6. #AskJerryJones Twitter .... hilarious questions

    could you see Big Cat doing something like this?
  7. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    I have just blindly voting for panthers...if Oher makes the pro bowl you can blame me
  8. what does what Romo did in 2013 have anything to do with thursday? i have heard this stat all week and people keep quoting it like its a fact  
  9. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    it looks like our dear leader has made the big time.
  10. Tillman Most Likely Out

    poo.....the cowboys are smart enough to take advantage of this bad slot match up. I would make colin jones try to chase Beasley all over the field.
  11. Here we go....who wins and the final score

    24 - 17 Panthers i feel like it will be close. our d-line vs their running game is my biggest worry. they are going to score we just need to take advantage when the opportunity arises.
  12. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    he didnt start off a dick....he show does a decent job of humanizing him and making him very likeable, you almost root for him. 
  13. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    its a great show...soooo much spanish though
  15. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    this year it has been everyone...we have been disrespected by a every sub 500 team we have played so far....come on Titans fans did you really thing you had a chance?