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  1. he was the second pick in the draft and is only a year long rental, so yes he is going to cost a bit more than our band of case offs and mid rounders but like i said he is still young, talented, and relatively cheap.
  2. I could see the Panthers making a play for Joeckel mostly because he is cheap and young.
  3. Panthers lose a couple from college scouting staff

    college scouting the key to a consistently good team im sure Gman will take this change to upgrade the scouting dept.
  4. ESPN blew a lot of money on the rights to NBA, NFL and College games with the idea broadcast fees would go up again. well broadcast fees have gone down and ESPN is getting there asses handed to them. they are pretty much willing to let anyone walk thats not mike and mike, berman or SVP.
  5. surprise...we couldnt keep Julio in check anyway. Norman never had the athleticism for the elite WR in this league.
  6. I really dont have any....we could use some speed at WR maybe better depth at DE or a Vet at corner but those are minor issues compared to some other teams.
  7. A Funchess Reminder

    Philly was decent in the playoffs but though the season he was pretty bad. Philly had 740 snaps vs Funchess 500, yet he had the same amount of receptions and 447 yards. he is the weakest of the WRs from last year and the easiest to replace.
  8. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    he was great some years back but i think he is toast dont cut productive guys this late in the year.

    awful day....jesus being a carolina sports fan is hard

    what number do the panthers pick in the 3rd?
  11. Bradberry is amazing...

    it feels like we are trying to hard to replace not a fan but i trust Gman
  12. Did Chris Gamble Announce our Pick?

    ESPN punkass talked right though our pick...we go 15-1 and still get zero respeck.
  13. something to think about.....Your draft board is not the Panthers draft board.
  14. not a fair of the pick dont feel like it was good value but what the hell do i know..
  15. Draft or Hornets?

    the draft is great and all but its pretty boring.....but the hornets are going to shut charlotte down tonight.