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  1. Panthers invite RB Jalen Simmons to Camp

    Damn you got me...Corrected...I meant HBCU
  2. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    I think Byrd is still a year away from making this team but if he does take someones spot its most likely going to be Philly Brown.
  3. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    i just dont see it happening not after Gman's hired gun comment, maybe if one of the young kids gets hurt.
  4. Panthers invite RB Jalen Simmons to Camp

    This kid has his work cut out for him coming from a HBCU and he is only 205.
  5. Panthers Release Boykin

    Man they must not have though very highly of Boykins, they cut him before he even got a chance to compete. I am not feeling going in to training camp with all these rookies and inexperienced players in the secondary.
  6. Panthers UDFA RB/FB Devon "Rockhead" Johnson

    I dont see anyway he makes the 53 but he can make decisions very tough...I just dont see how we can keep two players at a dying position like FB. only reason tolbert is here is because of his running ability
  7. I am a randy moss fan but that west Virginia twang is too much for me....I enjoy cris carter much more.
  8. Some jabroni on Reddit found a gem at a yardsale

    Dez Bryant....Raw Potential Beast Sam Bradford....History of getting hurt then getting hurt again. man they called these.
  9. Let's play pick two running backs

    wegher and cap...fozzy shouldnt have made the roster last year. the only reason he is still here is he had a year of experience in the offense over Jordan Todman. im not a fan
  10. he was the second pick in the draft and is only a year long rental, so yes he is going to cost a bit more than our band of case offs and mid rounders but like i said he is still young, talented, and relatively cheap.
  11. I could see the Panthers making a play for Joeckel mostly because he is cheap and young.
  12. Panthers lose a couple from college scouting staff

    college scouting the key to a consistently good team im sure Gman will take this change to upgrade the scouting dept.
  13. ESPN blew a lot of money on the rights to NBA, NFL and College games with the idea broadcast fees would go up again. well broadcast fees have gone down and ESPN is getting there asses handed to them. they are pretty much willing to let anyone walk thats not mike and mike, berman or SVP.
  14. surprise...we couldnt keep Julio in check anyway. Norman never had the athleticism for the elite WR in this league.
  15. I really dont have any....we could use some speed at WR maybe better depth at DE or a Vet at corner but those are minor issues compared to some other teams.