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  1. If you have to pull that poo, you lost.
  2. Honestly thought he washed out of the league after the Titans got rid of him
  3. Marty Speaks...

    Idk Funchess is catching the ball pretty well IMO. Samuel hasn't gotten much of a chance, though obviously his fumbled pitch was bad.
  4. Gano has been good this year, but some of you just refuse to let his past failings go. He will never be good enough for you.
  5. Game etiquette

    They have a ticket too, and they have a right to enjoy the game too.
  6. Yeah @Saca312 you are a homer, but that's ok dude. Much rather have that than the motherfugers who always have to find something to worry or complain about. Keep up the high quality content.
  7. cmc still doing nothing lol

    Someone may have beaten me to it, but CMC is the reason our first TD was so easy. He was a fantastic decoy.
  8. Can we cut Gano some slack?

    I'm not sure that 33-yard kicks are really that easy.
  9. Personally I was pretty cynical about the rest of the season as well, but I can see why you and others may not have been. We looked a lot better today.
  10. Can we cut Gano some slack?

    Agree with OP. Gano is doing well this year. Time to lay off him some.