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  1. That is kind of similar to how it played out in my head watching the clip.
  2. Why are people giving this post poop?
  3. Yeah, no kidding. That statement is really bizarre lol
  4. lmao so we knew it was nfl football? that is an even worse reason than thanking the league
  5. Christ, couldn't we have just had it like that for a year or two then changed it to our team logo or something? fug
  6. I had seen that before. It was posted before the playoff game last season IIRC, though that's not meant as a slight on the OP. I found it very informative, but as we all know that game did not go the way the video's creator thought it would. That said, Bret Kollman seems to be a very astute and knowledgeable football viewer. I learn something new from a lot of his videos. Definitely worth a sub on YT IMO.
  7. If someone can answer perhaps an obvious question that I'm too lazy to google, why did we insist on having the NFL logo at midfield?
  8. I thought he was the one who fooled us with his healthy. Why does Breeland hate us so much now?
  9. Might be preaching to choir, but using /s helps to convey sarcasm.
  10. PantherGuy

    Training Camp - Day 4 Updates

    Personally I love that Cam is using more profanity, and Norv is too. Football is violent and profanity fits the game. I know some guys don't use it, but IMO having the freedom to use it is good on the football field.
  11. PantherGuy

    DW. Dislocated patella and torn mcl

    Yeah that's a big difference between me and him. I'm 6'1" and I've never been more than 160 pounds. He's what, 6'4" and 315?
  12. PantherGuy

    DW. Dislocated patella and torn mcl

    *shrug* probably. just my own experience
  13. PantherGuy

    Does Kenjon Barner make this team?

    Never thought he was anything but camp fodder that could become adequate depth.