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  1. Uncategorically wrong.
  2. Nope, not jealous of them. Good for them. I'm over the way our season ended. Maybe next year. Besides, sports isn't just about winning.
  3. No. We made the playoffs but IMO we were not really a good team this year. Overall season just doesn't pass my eye test.
  4. True, but still a shi**y thread implying one bad penalty means we should not resign him.
  5. Panthers Packers rivalry?

  6. Bingo. I wasn't really a fan of his to begin with, but now I despise him. Hate that he owns the team I've rooted for my whole life.
  7. True, JR hasn't been accused of all-out rape. Just strikes me as being a similar situation.
  8. I might be exaggerating a bit, he JR seems like a cross between Donald Sterling and Harvey Weinstein
  9. These refs screwed us

    Don't be that guy. They made mistakes. We still won. Even if we hadn't, they wouldn't be the reason why.
  10. If you have to pull that poo, you lost.