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  1. Sensible and contextual answer to the rescue. Thank you
  2. He's a business guy, not a football guy
  3. Definitely. A CFO does not have a skillset for football operations.
  4. It was Trump who did that, not Tepper
  5. Big Swinging Dick?
  6. PantherGuy

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Everyone's thinking it, but I can't resist saying it. JStew >>>>>> DeAngelo
  7. Someone wanted to get shat on
  8. @RumHam dude at least wait a day or two before deciding the sky is definitely falling
  9. Most of us aren't cool with what the POTUS has done.
  10. PantherGuy

    Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Couldn't have said it better myself
  11. Right here. Couldn't care less about college football. I've tried to get into it many times, if only to have a better idea of who the best prospects are for draft time. I recognize the objective appeal of college football, but I just can't get into it.
  12. I think the Clippers were an exception. It generally takes a long time to do something like this. Imagine the paperwork involved in transferring the team and how many things the negotiations could encompass.
  13. Uncategorically wrong.
  14. Nope, not jealous of them. Good for them. I'm over the way our season ended. Maybe next year. Besides, sports isn't just about winning.
  15. I'm only 23, but the only NFL team I've ever rooted for is the Panthers. I didn't become a Panthers fan until the early 2000s because I only liked basketball for my first few years. But once I got into football, I was drawn to the Panthers pretty quickly. My brother is 21 and did the same thing.