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  1. A falcons loss here would be huge not only giving us an additional game lead on the divison, but i think mentally after last weeks collapse at home, a loss tonight to the Pats would be detrimental to the falcons.
  2. Panther bars in the Greensboro Area??

    Come to downtown Winston Salem. Camel City BBQ is dope!! Has a whole Panther Room. Plus the food is freaking Great
  3. Homecoming Party

    Boudoir photos included or no?
  4. Homecoming Party

    Will Definetly be in attendance! Now I'm Definetly booking a room in CLT for sat night!
  5. I am not overlooking Chicago, and neither should you.

    I expect a very sloppy and tightly contested game Sunday. I expect Wilkes to throw everything he can at the young QB and attempt to rattle him early and often. But Chicago has a very solid front 7 and if our Oline plays like it did last week, it could be a very long day with lots of hurt feelings on here. This team has our old friend Danny Trevathan and Lenoard Floyd is really starting to come into his own. Combine that solid defense with a player like Cohen on Special teams and thats a recipe for upset. I hope having 10 days to refocus and reevaluate will make a difference and we will see a motivated Squad take care of business and put this one away early, but this is Ron and Shula's Panthers so ill say 16-14 Panthers, our defense intercepts the young QB on the cusp of putting them in FG range at the end of the game
  6. Mindhunter on Netflix

    The first season of this show dropped Friday night. My wife and I started it and ended up binge watching the entire 1st season throughout the weekend! Its incredible! Easily my favorite Netflix production. If you enjoy stuff about serial killers or trying to understand the psychology or how their minds work then you'll love it. Extremely well done.
  7. Martavis Bryant requesting trade

    Would be my absolute dream scenario, unfortunately this Mayberry organization will never touch Tavis!
  8. Hello - Eagles fan here

  9. Hello - Eagles fan here

    2nd best QB behind rogers?
  10. Where do you think we finish now?

    I'm full fledged on the 12-4, 13- 3 hype train...when our offense plays like it has the past 2 weeks we are seriously hard to beat. Now if RR and co would please learn a lesson on stepping on people when you have the down....
  11. Potential flex game

    I was more inclined to say the 11/5 matchup with Atlanta, more so due to the absolute snooze fest matchup between the Raiders and Phins...you could be potentially looking at EJ Manuel vs Smokin Jay cutty or a matchup for the division lead between the 2 former MVPs
  12. Potential flex game

    So before you come in here spouting off "oNe GamE aT A TiME" bs, I am a fan and me looking ahead has nothing to do whatsoever with the outcome of games. Now that that's out of the way, if you have tickets already or are a PSL owner, id be eyeing the 11/5 game at home vs Atlanta as a potential flex candidate. Currently the Sunday night game that day is slated as Oakland and Miami...enough said there. The only other notable matchup that day is Denver vs Philly. I expect it to at least be moved to the 4pm time slot I don't understand why some of you can't appreciate the majesty that is primetime at the Bank but I for one would be enthralled with a primetime game at home vs the dirty birds for the division lead. If that doesn't get you excited then you like the wrong sport. Also worth mentioning but still too far off to really gauge is 12/17 vs the Packers. The current game is Cowboys vs Raiders so this one is more iffy unless both teams continue their downward trend.
  13. Will Cam have enough recovery time before Thursday?

    I think its a valid question. Cam's arm was noticeably stronger yesterday. He looked night and day, ball speed wise yesterday. I think the best thing we have going for us is we play at home. The eagles secondary is exploitable so I hope he's ready to sling it Thursday night.
  14. Record in Primetime with RR and Cam

    I feel good about Thursday if we can give Cam time. The iggles are living on their front 7 defensively. If we can protect, I expect another fantasy superstar performance from Cameron.
  15. Serious Question

    So I'm not going to sit here and pretend to be even the slightest bit educated nor knowledgeable when it comes to politics or the effects of certain things on everyday life. I don't post in here(though I'm an avid lurker) even if I have an opinion on a subject because I don't feel educated or knowledgeable enough on certain subjects. In light of the escalating craziness in the world, I think its high time I begin to pay more attention and better educate myself and my family. My question to you all: what are some valuable resources to look in to? What are some unbiased, even keel sources of news and information that aren't seeking to promote an agenda? I love podcasts and internet forums as well as books. With so much misinformation in the world today, I never know what sources I can trust that aren't trying to sway my opinion one way or another. So please, I didn't come here to be berated or bashed. I came seeking help and answers because for the first time in my life I'm legitimately worried with what the future may bring.