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  1. Insight about switching sides on OL

    sit on it til it goes numb then it becomes a stranger.
  2. can luke get along with ebron?
  3. do we really want our linemen from conference usa?
  4. Let's say it's your audition...

    now give me pie bitches
  5. Let's say it's your audition...

    Oh man, oh god, oh man, oh god...
  6. 1. Start DA 2. Re-sign Deangelo 3. Re-sign Mare 4. Move stadium to Carowinds 5. Don't toucha somebody spaghet.
  7. Ted Ginn 2.0

    I'm not sure Kamara could improve that much more...
  8. Ted Ginn 2.0

    what we need to do is draft a wr who scores a bunch of touchdown points, runs really fast, catches a lot of footballs that are passed, and never gets body injured.
  9. Oh no...don't leave...however will our line play mediocre to poor in the next season????
  10. fat people!!!!!!!!

    IF + Keto
  11. cut his ass! he's not worth a paper bag sandwich!