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  1. Moose Hoover

    Advice for young men coming out of highschool

    you have the most alluring profile pic. I would fight with them in the bathroom any day.Thank you.
  2. Vernon Davis walks in and says ooh gurl let me decorate then peppers says, hell nah i ain't gai
  3. Jalen and Odell walk into the waitroom Jalen says ooh boy you is too cute Odell says ooh dat so sweet thank you boo Then they start doing butt stuff like squats and straitg leg deadlift and leg curls
  4. Jalen think rashaan cute
  5. Moose Hoover

    Falcons tell Julio Jones to suck it

    Hey, it's me, versace whoops somebody shot me and I was just checkin the mail, get it, checkin the male?
  6. my peen would get tingly with a super bowl victgory
  7. Moose Hoover

    The weird Trump cult

    I'm okay with him, didn't vote for him, like the 2018 tax picture for myself personally, don't give ashit about his manners or level of couth. Overall I'm not upset. Didn't hate Obama either, didn't vote for him. mostly i like turtles, fantasy sports, and VTSAX.
  8. Moose Hoover

    Panthers make personnel changes

    can you use the activator on me?
  9. Moose Hoover

    Panthers make personnel changes

    I like the vanilla and chocolate but not the strawberry.
  10. Moose Hoover

    Panthers make personnel changes

    take it to the house.
  11. Moose Hoover

    Panthers make personnel changes

    Fool me once, shame on…shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again
  12. Moose Hoover

    Panthers make personnel changes