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  1. We aren't the only ones that have noticed...

    I've endured years of the wife saying something like "how much they losing by this week"?   While strolling memory lane, remember when we traded for Denver backup Jeff Lewis (RIP) to be our starter and cut Beuerlein?  What was Seifert thinking?!?  Lewis was a preseason disaster and Weinke got the nod.  The result was 1-15.  But I watched every game. Going through all those down times makes enjoying this year that much sweeter!
  2. in the 80s...left when US bought PI
  3. Even though many huddlers hate ESPN, here's a reason to watch Sunday Countdown this weekend -  Seth Markman ‏@tunasweasel  4h4 hours ago Fired up 2 have key members of Undefeated @Panthers in studio for Sunday Countdown. Josh Norman @J_No24 and Thomas Davis @ThomasDavisSDTM    
  4. Unheralded Architect of the Carolina Panthers

    Hurney's last draft (2012) was probably his best insofar as the late rounds netting Josh Norman in the 5th.  Lots of folks criticized him for taking a punter in the 6th, but Nortman has been a solid contributor.  Hardy in the 6th round (2010) worked out pretty dang good for a while.   No doubt Gettleman has done a much more masterful job, but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, thank you Hurney for those few....oh and especially thanks for those first rounders your last two years here!
  5. I glanced earlier at the title and decided to skip this thread....then later realized it was SCP's weekly post which equals instant click.  Awesome work, sir!  
  6. If I recall correctly, Dungy called Harrison the "President of the Panther Haters" in the post game.  Made me laugh.