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  1. Marty Hurney Has Been Reinstated

    Hurney has a proven record of finding the best talent in the NFL and positioning a team for a successful window. He has built the Panthers twice. I enjoyed the core built in 2002/2003 and I am enjoying the core built in 2011/2012. I have not enjoyed JRs fight for the CBA in 2010 or the Gettleman draft era depleting the franchise of young talented leaders from 2013 to 2016. Thankfully, the young talented leaders Hurney put in place prior to 2013 look like they may have enough in the tank to allow Hurney a 2 to 3 year window to rapidly infuse the young talent Gettleman sadly refused to supply. Be glad you have a GM who can find players like Peppers, Cam, Luke, Olsen, R. Kalil, Smitty, Gross, Norman, Stewart, and TD. So much better than Ealy, Webb, Klein, Dickson, Larsen, Funchess, Oher, Badberry, CAP and Shaq. I will still be waiting years to see Gettleman find a player who can consistently dominate/change a game for the Giants. I am glad that wait will not be for the Panthers.
  2. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    Nothing special. Hair, make-up, and nearly naked woman. Many just like her if you give them money to spend on hair, make-up, a gym membership, shopping and no job so they can pursue "their dream". The women that make your jaw drop without all that are the rare finds. Warning: Do not watch a YouTube video of her talking unless you like awkward and nerd. I doubt she even likes having sex and holds out on Matt. She seems to be very draining on the nerves and the wallet. The mom test makes me definitely want to pass. Good for dating and some quick fun. Not thrilled with living with someone like that or committing the rest of your life and half of your income. Some of you are too easily impressed by the show.
  3. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    The Gettleman jock straps do nothing but worship his okay moves and blame someone else for letting the bad seeds in the front door of the stadium to step on the field. Of course the GM has the final say on who gets in on the team and can put pressure on coaches to hire his guys and play his players. We saw that play out in Carolina. Yes, a GM can give a coach a longer leash, but that is the GMs decision. The GM can also nix any move the head coach wants to make. Gettleman let Shula through the front door for a second time.
  4. Warren Sapp, Ty Law, Derrick Brooks, Ray Lewis, Tiki Barber, Randy Moss, Champ Bailey, Chris Hovan, Dan Morgan, Julius Peppers, Troy Polamalu, Karlos Dansby, Thomas Davis, Nick Mangold, Greg Olsen, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Hakeem Nicks, Rob Gronkowski, Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly, Xavier Rhodes, Kelvin Benjamin, Shaq Thompson, Hunter Henry, and Christian McCaffrey. Those are all my Panthers 1st round picks from my historical mocks. Imagine having offensive sets with Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, Greg Olsen, Rob Gronkowski, Hunter Henry, and Kelvin Benjamin. I also had Antonio Brown, Stefon Diggs, Jarvis Landry, Devin Funchess, and Brandon Coleman filling out the WR position. Devonta Freeman and Ty Montgomery filling out the RB position. Jesse James would be the 4th TE. Defense would be Xavier Rhodes, Josh Norman, Eric Weddle, Eddie Jackson, Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis, Shaq Thompson, Julius Peppers, Yannick Ngakoue, KK Short and Grady Jarrett. Would that qualify me? I do not understand how GMs have so much trouble locating the players with a mindset that will make it on the NFL level. Maybe GMs like Gettleman just fail to understand the success mindset and he is just enamored with physical elements of players like a typical run of the mill scout.
  5. What if one of the huddlers is already the GM?
  6. Can Norwell play LT? $35M in salary on the starting OL if they pay Norwell and not a single franchise OT to bank on for the future. Can we please focus on landing a franchise LT before having the highest paid interior OL in the NFL with no running lanes to show for it? If Trai Turner and Andrew Norwell were really as good as fans say (I do believe they are quality starters), then how do you explain the miserable run blocking up the middle all season long? An OG is a greater factor for the running game up the middle than the RB. Anyone honestly think the run blocking up the middle was all pro caliber?
  7. The other way to look at it is that none of the players Gettleman brought the Panthers are good enough to supplant the core of players that were here before Gettleman arrived. Someone has to get paid to carry the team, and it does not seem to be Norwell. Gettleman thought Matt Kalil and Michael Oher were more valuable while not going after an OT in the draft to start for the Panthers.
  8. So, an UDFA Norwell > Star or KB or Shaq or Butler An UDFA > all 1st round picks under a certain GM UDFA > 1st round pick UDFA Norwell < Kuechly or Cam or Stewart or TD or Peppers If it does not alarm you that one GM is able to put 5 first round picks in the NFL from 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2012 that are carrying the Panthers as team leaders while another GM is just hoping he can have a single 1st round pick make it past his rookie contract, then you have no clue what talent is, or what it takes in the draft to build a champion. Yes, Norwell is a good player and will have a career in the NFL like many other Panthers linemen that have gone on to have success after the Panthers. He should not be better than all the first round picks made by the GM. Will Gettleman even have any of those 4 1st round picks he made make it past 10 seasons in the NFL?
  9. Wilks chooses Mike McCoy as his OC

    Here is to hoping they trade their 2nd and 3rd round picks for Badberry and Whiffley. Throw Bustler in for free.
  10. Gettleman whiffed on Norwell by not drafting him. It was a scout who is with Buffalo now under Beane who made the find. Now, Nate Chandler, Byron Bell at LT, Michael Oher, and Matt Kalil can all be credited to Gettleman addressing the OL. Norwell was not his. Trai Turner was his. Ryan Kalil (the best OL on the team) can be credited to Hurney.
  11. Gettleman calls out Panthers draft strategy

    So, Gettleman is rationalizing why he does not need to address the OT position for 5 seasons in the draft. No surprise there. He fails to mention how many mistakes he made with his BPA strategy. If he were to draft an OT with every first or second round pick for 5 seasons over his BPA strategy, would the Panthers have 2 capable OTs right now? 1st round OTs: 2013 Justin Pugh, 2014 Jack Mewhort, 2015 Donovan Smith, 2016 Jason Spriggs, 2017 Ryan Ramczyk Instead the Panthers landed... 2013 Star Lotulelei, 2014 Kelvin Benjamin, 2015 Shaq Thompson, 2016 Vernon Bustler, 2017 Christian McCaffrey 2nd round OTs: 2013 Terron Armstead, 2014 Justin Britt, 2015 Rob Havenstein, 2016 Shon Coleman, 2017 Cam Robinson Instead the Panthers landed... 2013 KK Short, 2014 Kony Ealy, 2015 Devin Funchess (traded 3 picks for him), 2016 James Badberry, 2017 Curtis Samuel The loss of Star would be worth reaching for your OTs until you have at least 1 franchise LT. I will take a franchise LT over a quality space eater any day. At least you know a franchise will lock in their franchise LT while letting their space eater walk when the rookie contract is up. The Panthers would have a stout OL for the future that could open holes and protect Cam after 5 years. Instead, the Panthers have a bunch of 1st and 2nd round picks they are going to let walk after their rookie contracts. Need > BPA when you have no leader for an entire position to step up and lead the team to make a play and win a game. Now, I had 2013 Xavier Rhodes, 2014 Kelvin Benjamin, 2015 Shaq Thompson, 2016 Hunter Henry, and 2017 Christian McCaffrey in the first round. My second round picks were 2013 KK Short, 2014 Jarvis Landry, 2015 Devin Funchess (@ 57 - not worth 3 picks @ 41), 2016 Yannick Ngakoue, 2017 Eddie Jackson So, I would not have picked OTs high, but overloading on OTs would have been better than what Gettleman did with the drafts for the Panthers future. I believe a team can find a franchise LT in free agency if they are willing to pay, or by trading down for 8+ picks and using the bulk of the later picks on some risky OTs/OLs who were top picks and dropped for various reasons/risks. (Those OTs I wanted with later picks would be La'el Collins, David Bakhtiari, Seantrel Henderson, and Joe Haeg).
  12. How can 2 players who have not sniffed a pro bowl or all pro nod demand top money? Norwell is a fan fav, but he is no where near dominant enough to make the running game work without Cam Newton and deceptive plays. Easily replaceable to be honest. Star is not hard to replace either if you just want a space eater who rarely shows the ability to bring pressure when a play breaks down. It is telling that the player Gettleman did not draft is the one he wants the most. That tells us a lot about his ability to draft players of value.
  13. Fozzy will not be a feature runner. He will be the back up to spell CMC. Norv will give the carries to CMC as the feature and use CMC on the outside to open up the middle for Cam and CMC. If Turner loaded up Terry Allen and Frank Gore with carries, he will do the same with CMC. Turner does not take the job if he feels like he does not have the personnel to feature, and it is clear Turner has high regard for scheming around CMC as the feature to open up Cam. Turner will scheme the offense to run through Cam, Olsen, and CMC. All other skill position players will be role players to get them open. From a fantasy football perspective, it was difficult to decide if any Panthers player had consistent value with Shula running the offense. With a Turner schemed offense, you know the primary QB, RB, receiver and TE are going to put up points and get their touches.
  14. Norv's system feeds 2 RBs and 2 receivers in timing patterns. The 3rd RB option is an outlet/extra receiver and a 3rd receiver is a one on one match up outlet. Norv scheme's to get the key/reliable players open. Everyone else is a role player. You are all trying to figure out who the RBs are going to be. The 3 players who will be getting the carries are already on the team. McCaffrey, Cam and Fozzy. Turner was the one who liked Fozzy with the Browns in 2013. If Stewart stays, he will be a role player in 2018. Norv likes the small tough backs in his system and he feeds them 200-300 carries easy. McCaffrey will be no different. Of the 26 seasons Norv has spent in the NFL as an OC or Head Coach, only 6 have been with big RBs. He gave Terry Allen, Emmitt Smith and LaDainian Tomlinson 400 touches for a season as the feature back. Norv did the same thing for 2006 with Frank Gore in his second season with the 49ers and turned him into a pro bowler that year. That was Frank Gore's best career season and only under Norv. I expect McCaffrey to touch the ball 350-400 times next season under Norv.
  15. Are we in a Window situation?

    You did not need money to draft young leaders. You needed to keep from giving up a ton of draft picks for 5 picks per season while wasting multiple picks on players like Benwikere, Funchess, Worley and Williams.
  16. definition of a #1 receiver

    We need a WR with good hands the entire team feels can win on every play for the final drive of a game. If you are afraid of a player being thrown to on the last drive of the game, they are clearly not a #1 WR. Cam Newton, Greg Olsen, Christian McCaffrey and Jonathan Stewart are the only players the Panthers have on offense that I want touching the ball on the final drive of a game. Kelvin Benjamin was close to being in that group if he had better hands. Makes you value the Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad years so much more.
  17. Are we in a Window situation?

    The glaring problem is Gettleman never brought in young talent to step up and take the lead from 2014-2016. You need young players who give your team a reason to get rid of veteran leaders for younger leaders.
  18. Look familiar?

    I pointed that out in the 2015 draft. The pieces have been in front of the Panthers the past several offseasons and they have been obvious. Gettleman just missed too many times on putting the roster together.
  19. Two years and top draft picks wasted on players that should have never been starting in the NFL. That is Gettleman for you. Force a round peg in a square hold and call it a perfect fit. Panthers should be fielding Xavier Rhodes and Josh Norman as the starting CBs for the past 4 seasons. How did I figure that out and an NFL GM missed on the obvious? Double up on DTs and triple up on CBs with not a single one capable of being a team leader. smh
  20. Star likely to test free agency this offseason

    He can go sign with the Giants. I am sure Gettleman will break the bank for him. He is not worth top money as simply a plugger who rarely gets pressure. He is not even a team leader. Just a role player. I wanted Xavier Rhodes to pair with Josh Norman. Star was a waste as a 1st round pick. There were DTs in the 2nd and 3rd round that were just as good.
  21. Luke is not responsible for constantly covering up poor CB play on both sides of the field. He and TD were relegated to coverage because of the CBs in the first two Saints match ups and he took care of the running game today while trusting the CBs to step up. CBs messed up a lot, and it was obvious with the frustration on Kuechly's face when he knew they kept giving Brees large windows to pass in. The 3 TD drives for the Saints in the first half were directly linked to Badbury.
  22. A monkey could have fixed the cap issue. It was already set up to ride out the 2013 and 2014 seasons behind the core built in 2011 and 2012 with little to no work.
  23. So, Gettleman takes pride in building a core to carry the team of Cam, R. Kalil, Olsen, Stewart, Kuechly, Davis, and Peppers? I believe those are not his players and he waited too long to bring back Peppers. It was the inability of Gettleman to surround that core with consistent young talent and eventual team leaders that has put the Panthers in a position of not being the best in the NFL. 2014 to 2016 was a complete waste when it came to building around the core with young talent and young leaders.
  24. Badbury gives up on plays and loses focus mid play a lot. I will never forget the image of Badbury lying next to the Saints fumble thinking the play was over once he attempted a tackle... or Badbury forgetting his assignment and drifting too deep out of his zone allowing for an easy pitch and catch for the Saints and then missing an open field tackle on a critical drive... or Badbury getting schooled by Ted Ginn Jr over and over again.