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  1. Leaving for Las Vegas in the morning. Do I put money down on the Panthers to win the SB?

  2. You don't know me. If you only knew...

  3. He did this year. Go watch what happens to Butler against run blocking every game he played in 2015 outside of the the no scheme Senior Bowl. I guarantee you right now Worley will not only be a bust, but he will be a major distraction in the locker room. He was the worst DB on the field for the Mountaineers. As for Bradberry... look for 21 on just about every Louisville highlight. He does not like contact, playing aggressive, or taking proper angles to the ball. Awareness is bad. Major project. Dog house candidate.
  4. Horrible draft. Had some instant impact players in: 1 - Emmanuel Ogbah DE 2 - Shilique Calhoun DE 3 - Miles Killebrew SS Plus the Panthers keep a pick since they would not need to trade up. The two DEs instantly challenge Kony Ealy and Charles Johnson for starting spots. Major impact in the rotation. Allows Kony Ealy to rotate into the DT spot on passing downs. Killebrew would be the starting SS day 1. These are the type of players that Kuechly can make better quickly. Killebrew is basically a rookie Kuechly at SS. Instead, the Panthers go with 3 projects who will sit on the bench most of the season and both CBs have the potential to be deactivated or put on the practice squad for a majority of the season. Finnegan and McClain are better options than Bradberry and Worley. Butler, Bradberry and Worley are going to frustrate Kuechly with their style of play. It is unbelievable that the Panthers gave up an extra pick for Worley. There were only a handful of CBs worth drafting. The rest are just as good as UDFA's and street free agents like Finnegan and McClain. Missed opportunities! I am being reminded of the 2014 off season with a much worse draft.
  5. coaches are playing not to lose. playing for the last possession in both halves. I don't like it. Play the way that got you wins in the playoffs. trust cam and luke to control the game. Broncos are trying to injure players with dirty tactics. Also spearing when they tackle. obviously coached to tackle that way. Same dirty play officials allowed the Broncos to take against the patriots. OL is sending one blocker to hug and tackle kuechly. not a single call on the way they are blocking/holding kuechly.
  6. Cam said it... "We were conservative, but you have to trust the coaching." Not sure about trusting a coaching decision to go conservative against a desperate Seahawks team for an entire half. Panthers won so coaches won on their tactical move of limiting key players, running clock, and keeping other players healthy for next week. I would not make that decision, but it has been a staple of the coaching all season. Packers, Colts, Giants, and now Seahawks. I am sure I am missing a game or two that the coaches spent at least an entire quarter putting the team into clock running mode. Panthers could bury any of those teams if the coaches stay out of Cam's and Luke's way. I don't know what to think.
  7. That was the coaching/play calling. Almost the entire second half they were playing soft. They wanted to let the Seahawks complete passes underneath and keep them in bounds. 100% coaching decision. Brought some attacking defense after the Seahawks got 2 TDs and threatened a 3rd on their 3rd drive of the second half. 4th quarter they went back to the shell to run clock with the defense. Dumb.
  8. coaches just want to run clock on offense and defense. Coaches are going to lose this for the Panthers with the crap play calling to run clock. Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly are both frustrated with the second half game plan.
  9. Our coaches are the ones frustrating Cam. Wow. Coaches need to get their act together. Panthers coaches are the ones getting into Cam's head.
  10. Coaches not letting Cam do his thing.... interfering with his game flow. Coaches have gone in to micro management mode. Get out of Cam's way! Let Luke make his calls!
  11. Coleman beat deep again. No surprise there. I believe the coaches have been woken up and their play calling will change now. Attack! Stop running the ball for 3 yard gains. Go for the win. Stop getting up big and letting teams crawl back in with desperation plays.
  12. Play calling has went from play with no fear/keep pounding to play scared/don't make mistakes
  13. Buck is happy again. Expect a lot of penalties on the Panthers that are ridiculous. NFL wants the Seahawks back in this.
  14. Stomp on the Seahawks. Stop playing soft. Coaches decision. Taking it away from Kuechly and Cam. Kuechly was upset with the play calling to end the first half.
  15. Can we not play an entire half of soft coverage on defense and little pressure up the middle. Bury them! Coaches always get in the way.
  16. Officials have been instructed to get the Seahawks back in the game. Penalty on Colin Jones was ridiculous.
  17. Bury them. Close the book and make the Seahawks have to retool their team. Here is the book on how to defend Wilson. 2 dominant DTs and LBs with 2 disciplined vet DEs.
  18. Is it me or does Joe Buck sound depressed to see the Seahawks get dominated. Aikman is excited to see offensive domination over one of the top defenses in the NFL.
  19. I called 44-9 earlier this week. I think the Seahawks may let me down 44-0.
  20. Apparently soft grass is worse than below 0 weather. Seahawks live on fieldturf. They suck on grass.
  21. It's the playoffs. Bury them! Make a statement! Can someone make a gif of Wilson on ground stunned while he looks up to see what happened. That was an awesome expression.
  22. Love for the Panthers declared since 1995! Would love to be at the game cheering on the Panthers and giving my wife a chance to see the players on the field before the game. Keep Pounding! Good luck to all.
  23. CPantherKing

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Any good coach would have placed the ball between the hashes for that kick. Vikings had a total collapse with the coaching, RB, kickers, and holder at the end of the game. Unacceptable.
  24. CPantherKing

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    Same reason they keep getting run by the Rams and Jeff Fisher. They force him into 3rd and short and it takes Wilson out of the game. Makes the Seahawks one dimensional. They are more dangerous on 3rd and 8 than they are on 3rd and 1. Put them in the red zone and they are even less effective. Seahawks fans know this and complain about it.
  25. CPantherKing

    Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    Let's solve this right here and now... Situation: 2nd and goal at the 1 with the Super Bowl on the line. QB has to score the TD in 3 tries. Do you want Russell Wilson or Cam Newton? When it comes to short yardage with the game on the line for a 1st down or a touchdown there is no question Cam is the more dominant QB with his arm and legs. Just like the option of Michael Jordan driving to the hoop or Isiah Thomas weaving through players and lobbing up a shot. Both are great options in the clutch, but with the game on the line I know who I want if I have to chose one.