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  1. XFL (Fans Above All)

    If you’re up by more than 14 points you have to pass every down and you can’t punt.
  2. We’re he just changed his name to Norv
  3. So this is very misleading, so are they taking all WR’s on the field and averaging the distance or just the receivers the ball is being thrown to? Seams reach at best and Cam horribly missing open receivers at worst
  4. Hurney on WFNZ

    You mean the same Philly Brown that isnt on the team because he dropped passes?? If WR’s wasn’t on a roster during the playoffs there’s a reason.
  5. I’m pretty sure anyone whoever dealt with Sean didn’t walk away going what a stand up guy he was.
  6. JR owns reatraunts and bars and a 2 car team withJR Motorsports. And a net worth of 225 Million. He’s a very business savvy oriented. But he would only be involved if Smith is involved anyways. Don’t have to be a fan to want to get involved with a money maker like an NFL franchise. And I’m pretty sure if he owns a part of a team he would be a closet Resskins fan.
  7. You put a young stud safety back there. Our Corners would be fine.
  8. Maybe even Cam knows him learning a pocket passer scheme isn’t going to work???
  9. Sir I hope you’re correct but unfortunately I am also a realist. 8 years in and he still has the same issues with mechanics when he came into the league? That’s not on coaching? Unless everyone thinks our old QB coach never said drop your elbow,step into your throws, square your shoulders and hip to your target,Go thru your reads?? The only way this new thing that’s coming works if they leave it the way it is and Norv Turner is 100% needs a pocket passer in his style of offense. And as everyone knows weather they are willing to admit it or not that’s not Cams strong suit
  10. Auctually I will just break it down this way it will be easier. New owner, New GM (after next year) New Head Coach (after next year) <— in turn all new coaching staff including OC unless god I hope not Norv Turner gets promoted to HC . And new QB at the end of contract which hopefully they trade out of and get something instead of just releasing him. New stadium after 2019. OR Same tired old QB play with overthrows and throwing into tight windows with receivers running wide open underneath?? Having to learn an entire new system 10 years into his career. Now out of those 2 scenario which one sounds like it’s going to auctually happen.
  11. Not everything no, I just don’t think we should burn down the entire organization for a QB with piss poor mechanics with neither the ability or willingness to correct or try to correct the issue. And now we’re talking about turning Cam into a traditional QB again I’m pretty sure we tried that already remember 2016 with 6 wins and a 52% completion percentage. Everyone wanted a new OC now we’re getting one and you guys I want mention you by name that is frowned upon and I don’t want certain people runnin to teacher again. Are already circling the wagons around a certain player who shall remain nameless. Mark my words in the next 2 to 3 years tops this organization is in complete rebuild mode. And this place is going to come unglued when the TRADES and CUTS start because they’re going to start at the top. But I have been wrong before maybe Shula was the problem the entire time, maybe older Shula will come in and turn Cam into a pocket passer and we go to the promise land!!!
  12. Truer words have never been spoken. They will not be happy until Cam is calling his own plays and will still be the OC fault.
  13. Ron Rivera is fired next off season. Especially if they try to turn Cam into a pocket passer yet AGAIN. Then it’s going to really get ugly around here when the trading and cuts start happening.
  14. Yeap an older version of Shula, I like it.
  15. Reshaping Newton

    Very good point Jon maybe Shula was the problem. But from what I’m reading I don’t think Norv is going to be much different. Or maybe he will turn it completion around and we finally get that big shiny trophy