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  1. Come on JI we all knew he was playing the instant they won against the Freaking Browns. Come on Browns do your JOB. The only plus is he hasn’t played a real game in like what 6 to 8 weeks hopefully he’s very rusty. Because I have a feeling the division will be decided in the last game of the year.
  2. Hey can we start a thread on did Cam really slow down to run more time off the clock thread next. So he could bail out the coaching staffs defensive scheme next. This is getting right down comical when you think it can’t get any worse the defy even my expectations. STANDING O PEOPLE STANDING O
  3. As soon as I saw this on NFL network I had to come to the Huddle and make sure it was at the top of the list, and sure enough TA DA!!
  4. 10-6 could be out this year LOL
  5. Did you guys see that great seal block by Khalil he deserves the real credit without him that plays a bust.
  6. Mario and Pep

    I would love to give them both a Ring with the Panthers. Before they both ride off into the sunset have another 1 or 2 tips for both.
  7. Tired of playing conservative

    I don’t have to read another post and I know you’re about to get blaated
  8. Mario and Pep

    Yeah either way he has earned another year if he wants it. And I’m sure he wants another year or 2 to guarantee his spot in the HOF
  9. Mario and Pep

    We had Peppers with one of the most dominant front 4 we ever had. Peppers,Jenkins, Buckner,Rucker
  10. Give it up for Wilks!

    So now if Ron is responsible for the soft zone wouldn’t he also be responsible for the blitzing??
  11. I just hope he doesn’t blow out his Achilles trying to baby that foot
  12. You call it trolling I call it the truth. My story changes you and your other little echo chamber buddies story stays the same win or loss. You know fire eveybody. We went 3 and out 5 times even though 3 of those drives was ended by poor decisions or throws by the QB but somehow that’s always left out. So I do the exact opposite of you hypocrits and just gonthe opposition end of your argument just so I can see you guys come unglued. And me going you better get use to the coaching staff is nothing more that the truth, stick your head in the sand if you must but that doesn’t change poo.
  13. I would get use to them or it’s gonna be another long couple of year for you??
  14. I will enjoy “MY” QB difference between me and you is I can call “MY” QB out for poor performance in the first half. And when he makes a great play I can say great play. You poor play it’s coaching great play it’s Cam. That’s the very definition of Homerism and if you think a 57 yard half is gonna hold up in the playoffs you sir are Delusional!!
  15. 57 yards passing.

    Ok something you never see on the Huddle, someone admits they’re wrong so sorry