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  1. Does anyone know how long Fox has been gone. I think Mike is having trouble letting go
  2. If we lose we blame the coaching, if we win we praise Cam Newton as the greatest QB ever.
  3. And how do you suppose we did that? Or do you think there was any way he was dropping to us?? I mean I guess we could have traded Cam to Jacksonville and moved up there far I guess?? (Sarcasm) for all you Cam apologists before you jump on my back
  4. No Cams shoulder is only bad when he throws 3 ints. or 6 ints I'm not sure. Damn it Shula!!
  5. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    Ok your first mistake wasn't following the everything is Shula and Rons fault huddle montra. we are 6 ints away from being undefeated I rest my case.
  6. Maybe we should start a thread if we don't turn the ball over 3 times in a game we win?? Did Shula try to get Igo's press credentials pulled or something?? If we throw the ball he says we should have run and if we run he says we should have passed??
  7. Mayo is lost?

    A lot of good points if he has to play for any extended time, hopefully practicing with the 1's all week will help him with staying over the middle in coverage. And how to break down and make a tackle. Hers to hoping Luke just got his bell rung instead of a full blown Concussion.
  8. And funny he comes out after the half and kicks a 58 yard FG in warm ups and just stares at the sideline. LOL
  9. How do you gain -13 yards?? Come on man! (Best Randy Moss impersonation)
  10. Ball Game Cam, you fuged up

    He was the only one out there tonight selling out 100%. If you want someone to blame Johnathan Stewart and the run blocking. Dropped passes but not Cam Newton. But without Luke our defense is in trouble I'm afraid, maybe Mayo gets better with practice with the 1's.
  11. Theres the Cam hit while sliding no call.
  12. Luke update

    Defense is lost without Luke
  13. Jumping under routes that are already covered, Over running running plays and a scrambling QB. Need to slide TD to middle LB because so far Mayo is a joke.
  14. Luke needs to retire

    I agree if he has another concussion it is time, Don't want another Dan Morgan where he plays 2 games a year and cutting quality years off the end of his life.
  15. Luke update

    Concussion OMG worst possible news