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  1. This O-Line lost it for us. Oher and Remmers are trash against speed rushers. 
  2. Harper and Remmers need to go away.
  3. I can handle losing in the playoffs but not the fuging superbowl.  
  4. Some of the worst play calling ever. 
  5. Ealy is taking over on the D-Line. Hes gonna be a monster next year. 
  6. media day GAMEDAY THREAD. get comfy

    "Talk about how you've matured over the course of your career" "Talk about how you have taken your game to another level as a passer" Talk about, Talk about, Talk about, Talk about. 
  7. MKG be back tonight and stuff

    That should help the D.
  8. Shaq. Either an int return or a fumble return. 
  9. The Superbowl is always a mixture of different teams fans. I dont see noise being an issue for us or them. 
  10. Troy Daniels

    I just saw the highlights. That was a Curry like performance. 
  11. PFF Grades and Analysis

    Wow the Cards best grade was a 2.7! Very telling of the ass whooping we put on them. 
  12. Was Jerry in Shock?

    I bet he's fuging awesome at poker.
  13. Gonna be hard to play with a broken forearm. 

    Oh my god yes!!!!!! SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!  
  15. Nfl.com: Dominate the foe

    Oh yes that is perfect!