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  1. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    Which is why you don't freak out about Norman. Because KK, Star, Turner are all younger and IMO more important to long term success.
  2. In 2 years when Josh is 31 and everyone is complaining about how slow he is you'll be thankful he's not counting 15 million against the cap. Rivera has had great defenses everywhere he's ever coaches. Shutdown corner or not...it doesn't matter. His defenses dominate. We still have the best front 7 in the game and it's probably only getting better in the offseason. Was Josh a great player? Yeah. But that particular skillet isn't absolutely necessary for Panthers success. I have full confidence RR, Wilkes and the rest will develop another corner just like they did with Norman.
  3. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    I think that beckham will get the best of him on that particular squad. We put up 44 on them last year. They don't exactly boast a bunch of studs on defense. Gonna be a lot different without the best front 7 in football.
  4. Which free agent corner do we bring in??

    If he was then he wouldn't be a free agent. But our front 7 has made about every DB combo we've thrown out there look like an all star squad. The strength of our defense isn't the secondary…they benefit from the pressure. Bring em all in…Cromartie, Hall, Tillman again.
  5. This franchise has had a bad history of overpaying. That's not going to happen with DG. This move took huge balls. He easily could have just kept him on the hook for one year or tried to arrange a sign and trade. It's a message to free agents and their agents for sure..
  6. J-No wants 16 million a year

    That's QB money…no thanks. Hope he plays great again this year and gets a SB ring. Then he can move on. Strangely it does look like in 2017 we have the 6th most cap space in the league.
  7. Kevin Dodd Visting Panthers Today

    I love Oakman in the 2nd if he's there.
  8. Fantastic Paul Soliai Quote...

    Being the standard has its perks.
  9. If it came down to..

    Ogbah to me just looks like a guy who would be (in a normal DL draft) a top 13 pick. I think Lawson is a good player but has minimal upside. I think Dodd could also be a good player but also could hair be a flash in the pan.
  10. I disagree somewhat. Gentlemen has built this team into a perennial contender. Guys want to stay and play for teams that could win a title. I think that was the biggest factor in this signing. We've lost guys in the past because our team sucks and they choose to chase bigger money or a title somewhere else...Pep comes to mind. I think Kris Jenkins was probably similar...he was injured but was ultimately unhappy bc we weren't contending like we had previously. So he ended up traded instead of possibly renegotiating. JR is huge no doubt...but gettlemen and Rivera are the primary reasons we are winning.
  11. Ogbah looks like a beast. He's really going to be there at 31? I'll take it.
  12. Coples visiting, taking physical

    Agreed. Talent is real in this guy. Bad start in a scheme that never really fit him imo. Moving him to OLB was never going to work. Letting him get after the QB and stuff the run is his forte.
  13. Gauging Josh Norman's contract value

    Then wave goodbye because that's what it will take looking at the rest of the league. Someone will take a chance and pay him if we don't. He's a great cover guy in our scheme. He's an above average tackler. He's still getting better imo. We just went to the SB with him and have won the division. His personality doesn't strike me as someone who wants to be the best because of the money. Meaning..I think he's still going to work at being the best despite the contract which is what you pay a guy for...similar to Newton.
  14. Gauging Josh Norman's contract value

    Peterson does major special teams work. Revis will always be seen as another level. I think he's in that Joe Haden 13-14 mil per year territory most likely.
  15. Keith Marshall