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  1. Shula is a piece of crap who wouldn't be in the league without Newton. He left his QB out to dry yesterday. Promote Dorsey and get this douchebag outta here. 
  2. Blandino on the no catch call

    The point is it's a 50/50 call and is way to complicated. There is a play probably in 75% of NFL games every week that have a crazy catch vs no catch. Just say if the guy has his hands on it and looks like hands are under the ball...it's a catch. It started out as a rule so that guys couldn't trap the ball on the ground and has become this absurd detail oriented bullshit call. Just keep the game simple. Cotch didn't trap the ball...his controlling hand was between the ball and the ground. Period. It should be a catch. 
  3. Blandino on the no catch call

    The "catch vs no catch" issue needs to be fixed in the offseason. There is just way to much BS. If it looks like a catch just say it's a damn catch. All of this looking for millimeters of movement crap is putting too much emphasis on referees.
  4. Roman Harper

    The guy has been a rock for us this year. By all accounts he was a huge presence in the locker room with his mentorship of the young guys in the secondary. But he's a free agent and there is a capable young safety behind him in Tre Boston who could be a starter next year. What do you do with Roman Harper? 
  5. Resigning Star, KK, and Norman will set the stage for this team for the next 5-6 seasons. We can't lose any of those guys. Hopefully they can all be taken care of appropriately. 
  6. The media seems to get it

    Some get it and some don't. Unfortunately some that don't are idiots in our own press pool…like Person. What a hack that guy is. 
  7. Cam backing away from the ball...

    Dude was injured early in the game. The game was over. They were dominating us. I get the whole "sell out for the game and risk injury" mentality but if he has an injury that is going to be in the back of his mind.    Its what happens when the refs consistently let the big, black QB get pummeled for an entire freaking season and call nothing. Cam is the Shaq of the NFL. He gets hit more than any other player at his position and percentage-wise probably gets the least amount of those hits called for roughing. It has to be absolutely blatant for him to be protected.    So…does it suck that we lost the possession? Yeah. We will never know whats going thru Cam's head. Maybe he thought if the ball popped back he could pick it up and run. Who knows…maybe he thought I don't want to hurt my shoulder worse than it already is. If he dives on the ball maybe he ends up with a torn rotator cuff and has to have surgery that keeps him out all offseason. When you have injuries and continue to get hit that stuff messes with your mind. 
  8. The Fall of Cam Newton

    You have to have receivers who are good at catching those quick throws. It takes skill to get your head around when the blitz is coming and make a catch. That isn't the game of any of our guys. Brady had guys like Kevin Faulk. Warner had Marshall Faulk, Peyton had Edge early in his career. Part of it is Newton but part of it is that every receiver we have other than Olsen is a down field receiver. Maybe that can be part of Corey Brown's development is to be a guy who can come out of the backfield as an outlet guy. OR…we can just draft a running back where that is part of his skill set. 
  9. NFL Rigged?

    Who knows? Nobody will ever know if these games sometimes get a few swing calls based on the books and maybe what the NFL wants for a story. Facts (loosely used term) on this are that there were a TON of bets placed on the Panthers and the over. So Vegas had a chance to make GOBS of money on this game if Denver won in a low scoring game. They did. The Panthers were -5ish and the over/under was 44ish. I think its safe to say that most of the money went in the losing direction.    This part isn't factual…but it might as well be. The NFL wants Peyton gone. You can't force him to retire because news would come out and there would be speculation as to why. But he was bad for the NFL this year. First of all he wasn't any good…and he remained a story. Bad football remaining a story is no good for Goodell. The other reason they want him gone which is the bigger reason is that Peyton is one huge hit away from a wheelchair. The guy had major C-spine surgery where before he had the surgery his doctors basically told him that he could be paralyzed if he doesn't get corrected. He is quoted as saying that he can't feel his throwing arm or hand when he's trying to play even after the corrective surgery. Then this story comes out about how he's using HGH to rehab, which is quickly hunted down by Ari Fleischer and pushed aside. Think the NFL didn't lend a hand in squashing that story? In the back of their mind they are saying "this looks bad and…we need to hope Peyton gets through one last playoff." None of this looks good for the NFL which is trying to have an image of looking after their players. How does it look if Peyton ends up with permanent disability due to playing longer than he should be allowed? It's a months long media firestorm and an ensuing court battle for sure about player safety. It's not a coincidence that he basically goes down like a folding lawn chair any time a player gets near him in the pocket. He can't take the risk of getting hit. Props to him for being a hard ass…but that doesn't help the NFL narrative.    So…The NFL needs Peyton gone and the only sure-fire way to make sure he's gone is if he wins. Maybe they aren't completely putting two and two together but there are SO MANY swing calls, no calls, judgment calls in an average football game it's not hard to "miss" a few and let the snowball commence. Our offense played horrible. Period. We weren't going to win with that effort. But it helps to stifle an offense when you let the MVP get hit after throws, you overturn obvious catches, you make phantom holding calls. More noteably you let would-be calls go when the Broncos are committing fouls. Its incredibly easy to just brush stuff off as missed calls.   We will never know what happens in these big money game scenarios. But it is truly naive to think that in big business that all of the rules are being followed.  
  10. I hope DG learned something tonight

    Was it the players or was it the strategy? All year long we've dominated at OL positions. Our option throws teams off. Tonight the OL was consistently confused with protections. Would it have been nice to have guys in there with better hands on a couple occasions? Yeah. But we're getting KB back. I don't see DG doing a lot in adding pass catchers.  I don't know if it was a talent disparity or a scheme disparity but it doesn't make sense that Remmers and Oher play great all year and then suck in this game bc of talent. It makes more sense that it was scheme. You could make the argument that with a true #1 out there like KB then your receivers beat the man to man coverage more when they are bringing pressure.    But DG is going to try to keep key pieces...Star, Norman, KK and draft to fill holes the same way he did with Funchess, Shaq and the rest of the young guys who continue to play well for us.
  11. Finnegan and McClain

    Outside of the top DBs in the league nobody is going to be good with the pass rush we had in the second half. It's the single biggest reason (other than Wilson's Hail Marys) that we sucked in the second half.    They both played fine when we actually got pressure on Wilson. 
  12. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    Cam has almost 50 TDs on a team that went 15-1. That is going to win every single time. Those are Brady/Manning in their prime numbers. When you account for that many points and that much overall production it's a guarantee win. Funny thing is that if you ask either QB...they probably don't care much about the MVP unless it's SB MVP.
  13. 2 seed easiest path to NFCC game? Looks that way.

    If that's how it shakes out then you hope GB can protect home field. If that happens then all is well. Truthfully though...I don't see anyone beating us at home if we get HF all the way. 
  14. Skins are tough at home. I think they win their first game. Don't think they beat CAR or ARI away tho. Gimme Bridgewater and Cousins at home over Wilson/Lynch any day of the week. 
  15. Film Breakdown of Julio Jones vs Josh Norman

    Josh needs to get his swag back. Imo he did nothing wrong against OBJ. But on Sunday he played like he was scared of being reprimanded again. That needs to be corrected.