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  1. The Ginger Dalton is upset by Watt's Comments

    Sensitivity has no place in the NFL. Get over it. If you don't like it...throw a TD. 
  2. David Newton thinks we can go undefeated

    No way we go undefeated. Truthfully don't care if we did. I will say that other than the Falcons and Saints game we have a really favorable schedule. I'm going to say 14-2...number 1 overall NFC seed which in the grand scheme of things is what matter.
  3. Seriously, how does it happen? (Visiting fans)

    We are 8-0 and trying to make a Super Bowl run. It's time to learn that if you can't pass up makin $1000 a season on tickets when we're good then don't buy them. I understand wanting to make a little money back if we suck...but we're the best team in the conference right now. If you aren't going to go to Charlotte to see the 7-0 Panthers play the 6-1 Packers then you shouldn't buy Panthers tickets. It's embarrassing...
  4. Official Frank Kaminsky Selection Poll

    The one ACC star that they pass on is the one that unanimously everybody thinks they should have selected. I have the same feeling I had when they drafted Morrison instead of Brandon Roy. 
  5. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Once again...this franchise proves it just doesn't get it. In order for your stretch 4 man to be worth a top 10 pick he better be Chris Bosh. I mean why do you pass on guys who are going to shoot 40% from three (Booker), shoot 12 FTs a game from slashing AND be a shutdown defender (Winslow)? They passed on a 6'6'' wing who will shoot 40%....its just laughable to me. I get it that Booker's athleticism isn't the best but look at what Reddick did for the Clippers, Thompson did for the Warriors, Korver, Beal. He has a skillset that is immediately translatable to the NBA. What is Kaminsky's translatable skill? The mid range jumper? laughable. 
  6. what the deuce...

  7. you sir are racist

  8. You're a tool...