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  1. I will have no voice.
  2. Had a friend call me at 330 today and invite me to the NFC championship game with him. I am giddy with excitement. Go panthers!!!!!!!!! Lets do it!!!
  3. Notes and Memos - Seahawks

    Dear heart, Stop beating so hard. t. me
  4. NFCC game pie... cum get you some


  6. I doubt the NFL is calling games. If that got out it would game over for the NFL.
  7. Obamacare growth outpaces last year and expectations

    Christ Alive, I fugging hate anime.
  8. Obamacare growth outpaces last year and expectations

    I agree with you about overseas spending. However, power projection for corporations sake is the only reason we went into the middle east in the first place. Not "democracy", not "freedom" because both those things are buzz words. We don't have "freedom" nor do we as a country have "democracy". We power project into the region that allows us the ability to inject our poisonous corporate-republicanism. These economic colonies are merely a way for us to choke competition (See china and russia) out. I don't disagree with healthcare spending. I believe it got fugged up in the creation. It started out being like the NHS in England and now its just a way for corporations to jack up prices. However, American republicanism is purely selfish since creation. So it makes sense that Neo-conservatism is a far cry from traditional conservatism. Un-checked capitalism is the reason the "lmao-democratic" Party and the "Rofl-Republican" have been tainted.
  9. Fun fact, I played high school ball with Jarrett Boykin at Butler High School. Cool to see him in Carolina again.
  10. Im 12, and what is this.

  11. I pick things up and then I set them down.

  12. Come on Panthers!!!! Kick their collective asses!!!!! Panthers-35 Cards-13
  13. Wooooooooooo game day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............. im stuck at MOB without television :(