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  1. Bucs @ Falcons

    We really need to win this game.. 2 losses in the division and having Carolina be up by 2 games.. Not good ...
  2. Do you prefer our style of winning over New England's?

    All Carolina does is win....Even when you guys have lots of injuries your back ups step up and play just as good... Ur defense is phenomenal and I hope Dan Quinn can get our defense close to that.. As a UGA fan I love Thomas Davis and C.Johnson... The thing about the Panthers that I like the most is the physical style, can you imagine how the other team feels on Monday after the physical beating they get from you guys...So my answer is either way of winning is great rather your the Patriots, Packers , or Panthers cause all that matters is winning..You guys are also welcome to lose a cpl of games =).... Heres to a great Sunday and Monday of games and no injuries...
  3. Is there another team.....

    All I know is ur defense is one of the best in the NFL and you have been doing it without C.Johnson and Luke has been out most of the season...You guys are fast and love to hit.. Im hoping Quinn can turn our defense in to that.. 
  4. The national media will continue to discount you guys, but the Panthers are a solid football team.. Ur defense is top notch and has to be considered one of the best in the NFL amd on Offense you guys have Cam and greg Olsen a very underrated player..... If you played in the NFC East they would be talking about you...As a Falcon fan I always want you to lose, as a football fan u guys are a smash mouth punch you in the face football team, so all I can do is tip my cap to you. Let the media keep overlooking you guys, but u fans and us oppsing fans know how good you guys are
  5. Cam being Cam

    Not a panther fan as you can tell but Big props to Cam Newton..The time you spent with that young man and his family is something they will always remember... I  may not cheer for you on the field but Im cheering for you for the things you do off the field.