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  1. PIE as the Patriots are defeated!!!

    Being a fan of NFL football is a dubious position to be in with a team that is undefeated. The possibility for an injury or two to key players can happen on any given play of a game as we continue to see all the a result success in this league until you are holding the Lombardi trophy is  climbing a wall of worry (like investors do in a rally on wall street) through the regular season and the playoffs. I'm really inclined to think that the most successful teams today are those that have the best backups and deepest talent in positions where key players may go down for a period of time or even the season........ All that stated I think the Panthers are as deep as anyone in talent with backups as well but it doesn't stop me from the worry of that injury sword of damocles hanging over the head during successful outings each and every week so far....... Nevertheless after living through 4 SB wins in the 70s while growing up in Pgh, PA I can tell you from experience that its a good feeling to be where the Panthers are at right now......  
  2. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    Its a tie with Patriots/Cowboys/Cheeseheads/Eagles/Falcons........ Opposing fan bases I don't mind..............Browns and Cardinals
  3. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    Every team in the NFL is full of professionals and capable of playing at a high level...........well, maybe except for the Browns............ As a result the Panthers will need to focus on this game as much as they have any other. Its easy to get in trouble during a game with a mistake or two.........but the trend I see developing over this year that Cam's reads on passing plays is improving, while his passing is cleaner and more precise on designed plays........and the receiving core is starting to step up too. Our big offensive problem is setting up a screen that actually works............ The defense will come up big with a turnover or two on the Skins and as result....... I see Panthers winning.........27-17
  4. recent posts

  5. Hey, I'm guessing from your screen name you are in Pittsburgh. I just moved to the Somerset area. Not that many Panther fans up this way. Good to know there are others.