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  1.  I would be interested in seeing that stat within the actual SB game itself to see how that ratio effects the outcome........
  2. Minor update on the Manning HGH story

    Playing football at this level is borderline certifiable………….Jerome Bettis once said that if a person would play one set of downs at the pro level their body would never feel the same again. Most credible sources will admit off the record that about 60 to 80% of players will use some sort of steroid/HGH stack and even utilize insulin in their drug schedule. With the exception of oil based injectable steroids, the rest of the stuff can easily be masked and/or timed to slip past any drug testing screen that exists. In fact you can’t do anything to catch someone for insulin and HGH has such a quick half life in the blood stream. All that stated………..I don’t have an issue with anyone who wants to play this sport and decides to take the risks involved with this path………….on the other hand we should not hold this sport up in front of our kids as the ideal to strive for……… As a former natural bodybuilder in the 70s (quit because I didn’t want to go the chemical route) who has weight trained for 45 years now, I realize how difficult it is to obtain and maintain a high level of lean muscle body mass and how easily it can all be compromised by an injury in a contact sport like this.……….and PEDs in football and sports in general are used as much if not more so for shortening recovery from injury as they are for performance enhancement. Pro football is a very dangerous endeavor which I enjoy watching the skill set involved ……..but at the same time cringe at the level of violence and what condition it leaves the body in afterwards…………. And the PEDs available can be even a bigger risk to utilize. This is a very difficult subject to address and come to a conclusion about as fans, players, coaches and owners….……..and it must leave Goodell and the top brass at NFL headquarters sleepless at night as to how to balance all the injuries, head trauma and drug use with this image as a business trying to grow its statue even more.
  3. The Ultimate Factor as to why we Win

    In a lesser team Cam would be the difference maker but I'm of the opinion that this team is so complete that even if Cam has an off day the run game and the defense could lead way to victory. In fact we might be able to win the game if Manning played for us and Cam for the Broncos. and that assessment  speaks volumes on what really wins the game for you........the offensive line......  
  4. Panthers pride at work and school

    Charlotte is a transplant town and as such so many people are from the Northeast here including myself 16 years a result I my office of 30 people there are only 3 panther fans! here is what I see 6 NE fans...........3 Dallas fans...........2 Eagles fans..........2 Steeler fans..........1 Bills fan.............1 KC fan.........the rest are from other countries and like soccer only. Some panther fan day we'd have huh? I don't understand most out of staters living in Charlotte.............I grew up and spent 43 yrs in Pgh, Pa and am a Steeler fan as I lived through the 4 SBs in the 70's...........but when I moved here I thought.........great there is a NFC team here I can root for and an AFC team from home. So I adapted the Panthers and figured unless they meet the Steelers in the SB I really don't have to root against the other very much at all. But over time I've begun to like the Steelers less (its been that way ever since Art Rooney Sr. passed away)......and like the Panthers more..... Nowadays I would root against the Steelers whenever the Panthers play them. I can't figure out this insane loyalty to where you used to live stuff.....
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Here’s a change of pace for this thread……… Funny story about an autograph in a public place. I grew up in the Northeast and did a lot of promotional work in short track auto racing through there and the Midwest a few decades ago. There was a very famous Michigan short track driver by the name of Joy Fair (yes the name Joy and he was about at 6’4” and 250 lbs. so nobody brother him about that name). Anyway Joy was a great short track race drive and a legend in the Midwest among local and regional race fans but not really recognized by the unsuspecting general public for the most part. One night after a race at Toledo Speedway (near Michigan state line from Detroit) a lot of fans headed over to the nearby local McDonald’s to get something to eat. In comes this big tall guy with a Detroit Tigers baseball hat on……. Pretty soon a crowd of race fans from the track gathers around him taking pictures and getting autographs and such and after a few minutes it subsides and he’s just standing there with a friend waiting for someone I guess. It’s Joy of course and this is a few years after he retired from racing (get this he raced for 6 decades!)….. So…. I’m in the line waiting to order food with a friend of mine and my friend says to me…..”Hey isn’t that Joy Fair over there?”…………..”Yup sure is”, I replied…. So when it comes time for us to order our food the guy at the counter taking our order says to us……….”Who is that guy over there everyone is making a fuss about?’ Now remember he had a Detroit Tigers hat on………so I said to the counter guy…….uhh…..that’s Al Kaline the great Tiger homerun hitter……..and the counter guy said wow!!! I have to get his autograph! Well we get our food and stop over to see Joy for a second and I told him what I just told the counter guy about him. (Joy is a great joker so he laughed about that and said if the kid comes over to get his autograph he will play along with the gag and sign it Al Kaline). Sure enough we sit down to eat about 20 ft away from where Joy is standing and then this counter kid asks his manager to go on break and off he heads over towards Joy’s direct with pen and paper in hand…………we can see Joy talking and smiling with him and then gives the kid an autograph and shakes his hand … After the kid walks away……….Joy looks over at us, then points at his Tigers hat and gives us a big wink of the eye and we start laughing our butts off  ……….Joy laughs back at us and waves goodbye and heads out the restaurant………….meanwhile the kid is showing his autograph to the other coworkers and we can’t stop laughing……… To this day I wonder is that kid ever knew………….LOL!  
  6. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Being famous is a prison and sometimes a person just needs to pretend it isn't for a while you happened to encounter him during one of those moments.... .............obviously your daughters are too young now to understand this........ but when they get older you need to be explain that to them when they understand that better. I would hate the curse of fame.........I'd be so paranoid that there would be a lone nut somewhere after me or my family and would feel like I live in a shell. Most famous people I know (and I've worked in TV and have met many) get tired of the constant "being on" about "how great the world sees them". Here is a tip for anyone on that............if you ever run into someone famous don't talk about what they are famous for......everyone does that and they get tired of it. Find out what they have a passion for that few if any know and talk about that subject, they become very pedestrian at that point because they see you as a peer not an admirer. Perfect example............Jay Leno's hero is the great F1 racing driver of the 50's and early 60's Sterling Moss........Once in a meeting with Jay we got to talking about and I happened to be a big admirer of Sir Sterling and his accomplishments and got on that subject with Jay and he went on like a kid about his time meeting Sterling and such. I
  7. Who Is Your Super Bowl MVP Preidction?

    Luke as a intercept that is a game changer and a forced fumble......and wins MVP
  8. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    Demographic most apt to be that aged White guys with an income over 100k and is a conservative, right wing Christian fundamentalist......... A Jerry Falwell comes to mind. Its funny they don't moan about the head coach leading the open boarders for the invasion of illegal immigrants.  
  9. the line up of kids at the end spelling out keep pounding is amazing  
  10. HGH side effect? External growth of the forehead aka the Frankenstein syndrome.....................I say no more.
  11. Lets dispel the "small market" persona

    The Internet, social media and 24-7 sports coverage for better or worse allows any team to be positioned to have the potential of a market impact well beyond its MSA/TSA study. Years ago your coverage was limited to newspaper and tv/radio sports segments during news those days a major market was critical to obtain coverage.........not today. What is "small market" about Charlotte today is their local tv and radio sports talent/ pales to that of NYC, Chicago, Phila etc.......... This is a horrible town for local sports radio talk shows..........there are so few and they are pedestrian at best.
  12. I can tell you in an apartment complex here in Concord that everyone is from somewhere else and so is their loyalty...........there are so few Panther fans here it is unbelievable....... I walked outside after we won both playoff games and there wasn't a peep of celebration.........
  13. Cam vs Manning is Joe Lewis vs Max Schmeling

    skin color or not.......the old hate the young.......because they aren't young......and Cam shows how fun it is to be young. In every generation you have some of those that are older that are repulsed by how the young act......forgetting that they were young too. In regards to color jazz great Dizzy Gillespie used to say that you had to be better and act better for a longer time to be accepted because the White man expected the Black man to fail......seems to fit the bill on QB expectations as outlined in the article........ Beyond all that............the real question is how in the world did Jimmy Clausen ever get into the NFL to begin with!!!
  14. forehead as a QB is also the that guy hit every branch of the ugly tree falling through the thing.....
  15. What will be the motivating factor for this team?

    correct my bad