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  1. Cam & Panthers worldwide

    As an European/African Panthers fan, it has been fun to see Cam and Panthers gain awareness worldwide. We seen two of soccer's biggest young stars dabbing in Lukaku and Pogba. Jan Vertonghen of Tottemham Spurs used to do the Superman after he scored. Cam reaches across sports and has the chance to be the face of NFL worldwide because he's fun and has unique playing style. People around the world know Brady because of his wife instead his achievements. Cam could make NFL more global. He already visited Australia. Europe should be next We're striking a relationship with the Premier League sensation of the year: Leicester City One of the biggest female tennis stars is dabbing on them folks after games   And she shares an agent with Cam and he approved her swag. He converted another tennis player as Cam and Panthers fan. Laura Robson, This interview was earlier this year. You don't need to read between the lines here.
  2. Olsen's fumble - review

    All turnovers should be reviewed. But why wasn't Greg's fumble not reviewed? It wasn't clear cut. I don't think that he caught it and made a football move. Looks that he starts to lose it as he moves. You can't challenge turnovers, but the refs should've double checked. .
  3. Is this the best regular season week ever?

    iIf the Seahawks could've lost. They would've if Tomlin didn't a Pagano special team trick, and those turnovers - damn. The refs gave Cardinals the game with bogus penalties ( I'm not afraid of the Cardinals). Gabbert did well against their D.
  4. This is beautiful....

    The AFC is racist. Although, they deserve clemency for having a redhead.
  5. 11 points

    Today, we can celebrate. We're 8-0. But we never would've been in this position for 4th quarter collapse. Numbers wise it's Cam's best game, but this was his worst of the year. We missed 2 TDs and Gano has to make his gimme field goals.  Please finish a game and give my heart a rest. Every game is nerve-wracking for no reason. I want to grow old.
  6. We'll play with Colin Jones in the buffalo nickel package. Extra safety/linebacker. He's one of the fastest, maybe the fastest on the team.
  7. Gronk vs Beast Mode - Mortal Kombat

    It's one of the funniest videos I seen in awhile.  Lick the gun!