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  1. Is this the best regular season week ever?

    iIf the Seahawks could've lost. They would've if Tomlin didn't a Pagano special team trick, and those turnovers - damn. The refs gave Cardinals the game with bogus penalties ( I'm not afraid of the Cardinals). Gabbert did well against their D.
  2. This is beautiful....

    The AFC is racist. Although, they deserve clemency for having a redhead.
  3. 11 points

    Today, we can celebrate. We're 8-0. But we never would've been in this position for 4th quarter collapse. Numbers wise it's Cam's best game, but this was his worst of the year. We missed 2 TDs and Gano has to make his gimme field goals.  Please finish a game and give my heart a rest. Every game is nerve-wracking for no reason. I want to grow old.