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  1. I knew EXACTLY what play this was going to be before i even clicked it. LMAO. Also, fml.
  2. Steve Smith at Taco Bell

    I will forever love that man. and taco bell. But mostly Steve.
  3. Maybe just MAAAAAYBE if the record was broken and held outright then I could see it as an actual "accomplishment" that could be reflected upon. But when factoring in the actual game it came from and that its just a tie, this shouldn't be up there at all. Wow.
  4. Panthers 2017 Schedule Wallpaper

    AMAZING! thank you soooo much.
  5. Panthers 2017 Schedule Wallpaper

    For the iPhone version, is it possible to close the gap on top and fit the "Carolina" part of the end zone in on the bottom? @Jay Roosevelt
  6. White pants with blue jerseys and blue socks looks pretty tough.