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  1. Lol yea. Luckily I've lurked for a long long time and don't post often, so I know how the Huddle can operate at times. I think the point that was really missed in my OP was I never said he's become ineffective because he's less ferocious in his tackling. He just seems, to me, to be protecting himself a little more. Ah well.
  2. I hear you on if you don't play full speed, you're more likely to get hurt. I think Luke is still playing full speed. I just think he's protecting himself more. Yes, you can do both at the same time. Morgan played like a missile because you could play like a missile back then. Obviously I hope Dan is fine moving forward in his life. That guy though got his bell rung way too many times and he would probably be the first to tell you he'd do things differently if, in fact he has symptoms in the future.
  3. Regardless of what you "can't" control, when you've had numerous concussions in the past you try to limit them by what you "can" control (or at least that's what I would do. Some players aren't concerned with concussions and what happens in the future). Obviously things happen in the game that are beyond Luke's control. That shouldn't stop him from taking the necessary steps in his game to try and limit the amount of hits to his head. I never thought in the past Luke tackled the wrong way. Has always had good technique. But because of the concussions he's protecting himself more which in turn, makes him less aggressive in the way he goes about tackling.
  4. And this is the point I'm trying to get at where I think is getting lost on others. He's still being effective while making the adjustment. Which I think he has. He has been insane. I also believe he's not as aggressive poking his head in there looking for contact.
  5. People may not agree with this and that's fine. I feel though Luke has lost some ferocity since his last concussion. It almost looks like he's trying to guard himself from another concussion with the way he's been tackling. More arm and swing the player down as opposed to wrap up and drag. Luke is a smart guy. Luke understands the potential consequences down the road. Luke also is as passionate a football player I've seen in a while and I don't think he's ready to hang them up because of it. I feel he's looking to be effective in the tackling game while trying to guard his head. Once again, people can disagree with this and that's fine. I however have noticed a difference in the way he's gone about tackling individuals and the ferociousness that comes with it. BTW, I'm all for players calling it quits if they are concerned about the state of their brain in the future. If Luke said I'm done tomorrow, good for you. I'd be upset that I wouldn't get to watch him play anymore but would very much understand his choice and support it. The point I'm trying to make here is if he's trying to have it "both ways" if you will, play the game and protect his brain (obviously this game is violent and when you play it, nothing is 100% preventable), while still being effective, I'm all for it. I've just noticed the past 10+ weeks that he is going about the tackling part of this business not as aggressive. Thoughts?
  6. 6-3

    Very smart of you to bring political lines into a topic... Shouldn't you be boycotting the NFL or something?
  7. JAX Sept 13

    Couldn't have worked out more perfect. Warm weather, first game of year where everyone is jacked about the season, other stuff. Just perfect.
  8. San Diego

    Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins is also legit. Just came back. Ahhhhhhhmazing beer scene.
  9. JAX Trip Details

    lolol. When that photo was taken in 2000, I was the hippest kid on the block. Puka shells ftw!
  10. JAX Trip Details

    In. You'll be seeing this mug all day..
  11. OTA Observations

    Kugbila looks enormous. In a not so good way. Good stuff Zod. Always appreciated.