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  1. 6-3

    Very smart of you to bring political lines into a topic... Shouldn't you be boycotting the NFL or something?
  2. Ball Game Cam, you fuged up

    Yea, also the ONLY reason we are in this game. But yea, bad throw.
  3. WTF not attempt a FG ?

    The game. And because Ron is a cross-armed dunce it could cost us not attempting it. Gano has plenty leg.
  4. JAX Sept 13

    Couldn't have worked out more perfect. Warm weather, first game of year where everyone is jacked about the season, other stuff. Just perfect.
  5. San Diego

    Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins is also legit. Just came back. Ahhhhhhhmazing beer scene.
  6. JAX Trip Details

    lolol. When that photo was taken in 2000, I was the hippest kid on the block. Puka shells ftw!
  7. JAX Trip Details

    In. You'll be seeing this mug all day..
  8. OTA Observations

    Kugbila looks enormous. In a not so good way. Good stuff Zod. Always appreciated.