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  1. Everybody and their mommas knew Wilson was not going to start over Mike Glennon. Just like everyone knew that Darron Thomas was not going to start over Marcus Mariota. Just like everyone knew that Malik Zaire would start at Notre Dame over Everett Golson. Hence the reason Golson transferred to FSU. Just like everyone knows that Sam Bradford and Case Keenum days are numbered. I remember being at FSU during Wilson's last year at NC State and it was an open secret that Wilson would have a very hard time keeping his job the next season over Glennon. Just like it was not a secret that Marcus Mariota would be the starting QB in Darron Thomas last season at OU no matter how good Thomas played in his final year. And that is the reason why Wilson focused on baseball. He was done as NC State's starting QB unless Glennon went down with injuries. Everyone needs to just stop the BS and admit: we thought Mike Glennon was the better option (just like Oregon and Notre Dame did) and therefore we let Wilson walk. It is not an unreasonable position to take that Glennon would be better than Wilson at NC State. That is fine. But please stop pissing on our legs and telling us it is raining when it becomes apparent that you may have made a mistake. Own up to it and stop making sh*t up about "Oh, his heart wasn't in it."
  2. Gotta love the revisionist history of the Huddle and other places this story has been posted. Mike Glennon, much like Marcus Mariota, was basically promised their starting job in college, thereby forcing out the incumbent starters at NC State and Oregon. Because Wilson has ended up being so successful, we suddenly get "oh, no no no...that was not the case...Wilson could have started if not for baseball!" Complete and utter BS. NC State wanted to start Glennon...he, like Mariota, was highly recruited. The writing was on the wall at NC State...just like it was at Oregon...and therefore Wilson played spring baseball and left. He was not going to get the starter's job...just like Darron Thomas was not to start over Mariota. The funny thing is you don't hear this nonsense about Thomas and Mariota because Thomas never made in the NFL. If he had, we would be seeing stories about how Thomas "wasn't really committed to Oregon and he always wanted to leave anyways" to justify pushing him out the door. But this is the Huddle, and the Huddle does hate Wilson so...I guess the Huddle will believe any anti-Wilson BS that comes across the internet concerning QBs they do not like.
  3. 2016 NFL MVP Odds

    Seriously, Andrew Luck is in the top five odds of winning the MVP? My God, you guys can talk all day about how overrated Russell Wilson is but nothing, and nobody takes the cake quite like one Andrew Luck.
  4. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    While ESPN circle-jerks Christian H. just remember in his "great" first year at PSU he completed less than 60% of his passes, threw 20 tds to 10 ints, led a mediocre offense. And he has a shitty attitude.
  5. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    I am trying to understand this reasoning...I really am. The Panther's offense ranked in the bottom one third of the NFL in passing yards. Our wide receivers were some of the least productive units in the NFL. Yes I understand that we are getting back KB but let us not forget that he is coming off an ACL injury that kept him out for an entire year. I simply do not understand how one can look at the Panthers and declare that we do not need wide receivers.
  6. Josh Norman on his way to Atlanta to work out with CAM

    Although I don't necessarily agree with your last part (about a RB in the first round...I think this offense can use playmakers wherever we can get them), the 1st part is 10000% correct. Everything in our passing game comes off the right arm of Cam Newton. If we need 6 yards on first down then Newton better make sure he throws the ball 6 yards because anyhow our WRs get a one-on-one, and Newton throws short, it will be fourth down. More than 1/2 decade into Newton's career, and each and every year he is the only athletic person on offense (or clearly the most athletic). I would like for opposing defenses to have to worry about someone other than Newton making a play on critical downs.
  7. Rams trade to Number 1

    Cam Newton had more warts than either Goff or Wentz? Let me guess, Newton had more warts than Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, and Jake Locker combined! The fact you think 2011 version of Cam Newton was more questionable than Goff or Wentz is good enough reason to ignore everything you post for the rest of history. Putting Goff to the side for a moment (Newton was an immensely better prospect than Goff) but what on God's earth makes Wentz a better pro prospect than Newton? Wentz has thrown 600 passes IN HIS ENTIRE COLLEGE CAREER. Wentz projects as a poor man's Ryan Tannehill at best. And of course, he did this at North Dakota State.
  8. Why is it different for him?

    I am sorry. Are you serious? Just yesterday I read a story about how RGIII was already "annoying" a sportswriter because he happened to say something to the effect of "Humble people do not say they are humble" at his introductory news conference in Cleveland. According to that reporter, RGIII was trying to brand himself instead of focusing on playing football. This nonsense that Newton, Keapernick, RGIII, Wilson, Winston, Taylor, Bridgewater, and Taylor are not all in the same boat is asinine. Each and every one of them (including Newton) is about 2 bad starts from their fan-bases calling for them to be benched and traded. Yes that includes Wilson and Winston and Newton. (You want proof: look no further than what happened to Keapernick and RGIII this year). The funny thing is that many boards make the argument that Newton receives a ridiculous amount of media praise. For example, if you go on to the 49ers or the Seahawks message board you will find that they think Newton is highly overrated and barely a top 10 quarterback in the NFL. The exact same criticism that is leveled against Jameis Winston or Russell Wilson or Tyrod Taylor or Colin Kaepernick here, concerning their ability to play quarterback, is leveled against Cam Newton on their message boards. And yes, this is after Newton won of the MVP this year. So again, each black quarterback faces a disproportionate and grossly disproportional amount of negative press. Not just Cam Newton.
  9. Why can't people understand this is what it is about. Aside from the racist idiots that is horrified at the prospects of a Cam Newton, nearly all of the remaining Newton bashers fit neatly into this box. Cam Newton just won an NFL in a league that still featured Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers, Big Ben, and of course, Andrew Luck. And it really wasn't close at the end. And he did it without a player many of them probably would say "made Cam Newton" KB. If Newton had won the MVP with a healthy KB, idiots in the media like Mark would cry about KB "bailing Newton out." Never in their wildest dreams did they think Newton was capable of 2015-2016. Never. Hell, by 2016 Newton was supposed to be a backup QB or a converted TE. This is where they're source of anger comes from.
  10. Wide Receiver Debate

    I don't drink and beer is the worst. At what point last year was our WRs "great"? Ginn in the 1st game vs Atlanta was great. Then again that was only for the 1st quarter. At what other points was our WRs great? So our defense was great last season too. Why the hell are we out here signing secondary and DLine for then? Why is everyone (including me) fine with at DE in round one? I mean we were top 5 in almost every meaningful defensive category last year, right.
  11. Wide Receiver Debate

    If I did not watch our games last season and just read the Huddle, I would swear up and down that the Panthers had a top 3 WR core, and a front 7 and secondary that was bottom 5 in the NFL. I would think that KB was prime Randy Moss, Ginn was prime Marvin Harrison, and Funchess was a young Larry Fitzgerald. I would think that the Panthers WR core actually carried this team last year and maybe save for the early 2000 St. Louis Rams, the 2015 Panthers passing game was the greatest thing on grass. Instead, in reality, in the real world the Panthers passing game ranked in the bottom 1/3 of the NFL, nobody (the Broncos said as much) fears any of our WRs last year, and any informal or formal NFL top WR poll conducted last year or this year doesn't rank KB in the top 20 WRs the NFL. And of course he is coming off an ACL injury. Should the Panthers be in the business of trading away Luke Kuechly for a WR? Of course not. Should the Panthers even not pay Josh Norman in order to bring in an expensive WR. Nope. Should the Panthers be in the business of passing on a top 10 talent on defense in this draft in order to draft even the 3rd best WR this year. Also, no. But the confidence that the Huddle has in a WR core that--- even next year--- will be dependent on Ted "I couldn't even make it into the rotation of the Cardinals" Ginn Jr. to a large extent...where losing Ted Ginn Jr could possibly have significant consequences to our passing rather disturbing. People have literally posted on this board that WR is the strength of this team. Dear God, where do I obtain some of that stuff that they are on? At best, by the end of this season our WR could be viewed as top 10. At BEST. Acting like we are the Cardinals, Jets, or even the Bucs is the definition of insanity.

    Damn. You didn't have to do him like that. lol
  13. Manziel vs RG3

    Yep. That is one of the things that often gets overlooked. Gilbert, taken before Manziel, while not nearly as bad off the field, is just about as bad on it as Manziel was. And are we really comparing RGIII to Johnny Alcoholic? At RGIII's worst he was still better than Manziel on the field. And RGIII off the field might as well be mother Teresa compared to Johnny Domestic Abuser.
  14. Why Weddle won't be a Panther

    Sorry but I could care less about the Chargers last year, but isn't Weddle an absolute malcontent that got himself suspended in the middle of a game for basically refusing to go back to the locker room? Actually, the more I read up on Weddle the more I dislike his character. Skipping workouts, bitching about a contract extension to the point that the Chargers needed to put him on IR just to get rid of him. So exactly why do we want this guy messing up our locker room again?
  15. josh doctson

    Let me just God I have never seen a board so confident in a group that literally ranked as one of the worst units both on our team and in the league: WR. With the exception of Ted Ginn vs. the Falcons in Carolina (and that was only for the first quarter) can anybody argue that a WR or our WRs as a group carried our team to a victory? As a unit they were at least as responsible for the lost against Denver as our O-line was. But the counterpoint is: we are getting KB back (and another year of Funchess)...he will prevent our WRs unit from once again ranking in the bottom 1/3 of the league in production!!!! I am as big of a KB fan as anyone and advocated that we drafted him long before we did, but KB is not prime Calvin Johnson. And of course, he IS coming off of a year long ACL injury. Even coming into this season, KB was not even a top 20 WR. Even going into this season with a completely healthy WR core, that core only potentially was a top 10 unit. Potentially. If KB took the next step, Funchess had a great rookie season, and Philly/Ginn could beat their one on one matches...only then would our WR unit potentially be a top 10 unit. I am not saying we must draft a WR in the first round or go trade for Alshon. Hell, I am not even saying that we must even add a WR to our team at all...but this unwavering confidence some have in a unit that the past 4 years have been below average, at best, is confounding. It is almost like if our WRs manage not to trip over themselves while running a go route or pop a perfectly thrown ball into the air for a turnover, some of this board would count that as good enough for the Carolina Panther's passing game (using WRs).