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  1. mcdougal added a post in a topic Did anybody else see this stat about Seattle's O-Line last night?   

    I'll advise you to go back and re-watch Seattle at Atlanta in the 2013 (I think) and our game last year vs. Seattle in Seattle for starters. Both playoffs games BTW.
    And I remember doing a statistical analysis of Wilson about a year ago. If you go back and look at Wilson's most productive games...he actual got better the more he was asked to do. His QB rating increased the more the threw the ball. Which, of course, was the exact opposite of the Huddle's favorite QB Luck. There was a negative correlation between high number of pass attempts and Luck's production as measured by QB rating.
    Which is to say, don't assume that simply because Wilson ranks low as to pass attempts, that when asked and needed he won't rip your defense apart from the pocket.
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  2. mcdougal added a post in a topic Did anybody else see this stat about Seattle's O-Line last night?   

    Yet Wilson managed to have a nearly perfect QB rating against our eilte defense in the playoffs last season.
    I love how the Huddle/Media kicks and screams about a QB that consistently ranks among the best in QB rating year in and year out...but then the claim "Oh, he really isn't that great of a pocket qb." Yet go crazy over Luck because he happens to throw the ball 80,000 times a game. Of course, when Luck leads the league in INTs we get "It's not his fault...his O-line sucks!" This despite the fact that his backup managed to not get hit behind the same line and also managed managed not to turn over the ball.
    If Wilson's oline didn't rank as one of the worst in the league, Wilson will pick you apart standing in the pocket. Luckily for us, and the rest of the league, his O-line (and for some time now) is atrocious. 
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  3. mcdougal added a post in a topic Anyone remember the article on Tannehill after Cam got paid?   

    You think that is something. You should read Mike Florio's article about Jay Cutler after he got that ridiculous contract from the Bears 2 years ago. Profootballtalk was literally praising the Bears for securing the services of "a great franchise QB" that they can compete with for the next 6 years.
    And this was after McCown completely outplayed Cutler that season as his backup. That didn't stop PFT from praing the Bears for giving Jay that mess of a deal.
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  4. mcdougal added a post in a topic I really wish Shula would steal GB playbook.   

    True. But that is how this team is built.
    You can't dump most of your resources and attention into your basement at the expense of upgrading your kitchen---and then expect your less than stellar kitchen to sell your house when it is on the market.
    You put money into your basement in order to get a return---
    We should continue to get a return out of our defense and stop acting like our offense is fit or in any position to stop teams like the Packers. It is our defense's job to stop the Packer's offense and in recent years we have done quite a bit to make sure that they do.
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  5. mcdougal added a post in a topic I really wish Shula would steal GB playbook.   

    lol nope. This team is build around our defense. The day we start depending on this offense to win playoff games is the day we are a quick exit.
    This nonsense that the offense needs to protect the defense is hilarious. We have a defensive Head coach and have a number of high first round defensive players, and have spent a great deal to acquire defensive talent.
    The offense's sole job is to not turn the ball over and otherwise stay out the way of the defense.
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  6. mcdougal added a post in a topic I really wish Shula would steal GB playbook.   

    The difference between GB and CAR is that the Packers have repeatedly and continues to invest in the offensive side of the football (and they have the best QB I have ever witnessed). But mostly they make it a point to supply the offense, within reason, whatever it needs to succeed.
    A short while ago, when Rodgers first assumed the starting role, GB had a terrible o-line . Know what the Packers did? They used their resources to rebuild the offensive line into one of the league's best...while adding pieces to the TE/WR positions.
    The Panthers just made a trade for Allen. Why? Because the Panthers saw a need on the D-Line and moved immediately to fill it. The Panthers are fully committed to ensuring that unit is as strong as possible. The same cannot be said for the WR or even the O-line (which is fine).
    So we as fans need to understand that this front office is interested in building this team as a low scoring, defensive-first oriented team. And we should also stop blaming the offense (or any of the players) for not being Green Bay.
    If we want to be Green Bay and move the ball like Green Bay...we have to allocate resources as Green Bay...otherwise we should expect non-Green Bay offensive results. And we should also stop complaining when we have just 17 points on the scoreboard late in the 4th quarter.
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  7. mcdougal added a post in a topic Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    Why did we run fake twice on the the goal line? Did anybody really think that was going to fool the Saints?
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  8. mcdougal added a post in a topic power rankings, #14, smh.   

    Our offense need not respond to anything. We are not built around our offense...we are built around our defense. The offense needs to continue to limit turnovers and score when they get opportunities.
    For all the effort and time this front office has put into that side of the ball, including our Head Coach having this job for being a defensive genius, we cannot afford to have that unit have an off day. We will go as far as they carry us.
    One day soon, my hope is that the Huddle will realize that in May this team is constructed around the defense therefore we have to depend on them come October.
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  9. mcdougal added a post in a topic Monday Night Countdown: Andrew Luck needs more around him.   

    I think this deserves more discussion. Luck was drafted No. 1 overall...the Colts very next pick used was his college roommate at Stanford. Prior to the draft they made sure to retain Reggie Wayne and go get Bruce Arians as OC.
    The next season they added more of his college teammates and hired his college OC as their new OC. Of course, they have continued to give Luck everything he could ever want adding more WR help, crafting the offensive around what he likes to do, etc.
    When his starting RB went down, the Colts immediately sent a No. 1 pick to Cleveland for a RB that was a top 10 pick just the season prior (I know that RB was a bust but is they at least tried)...They acquired a Pro Bowl offensive lineman from Philly during Free Agency...Acquired Johnson and Gore...
    Who doubts after this season, if need be, the Colts will dump the likes of Gore and Johnson and some-what expensive defensive pieces in order to get Luck more Pro Bowl Tackles and Guards?
    From the very start, the Colts have done everything in their power to make Luck comfortable and individual successful on paper. Not stating an opinion on the approach, but the Panthers almost gone in the opposite direction with Newton.
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  10. mcdougal added a post in a topic Monday Night Countdown: Andrew Luck needs more around him.   

    Ah yes. The great Huddler is here to proclaim how one Andrew Luck doesn't have great weapons...while all off season claiming that the Panthers have good offensive personnel...
    Methinks if one Andrew Luck was in Carolina surrounded by what Newton is surrounded by currently the same poster will be ready stage a sit-in until the Panthers front office spent the entire draft on offense...
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  11. mcdougal added a post in a topic Monday Night Countdown: Andrew Luck needs more around him.   

    Meanwhile, this entire off season these same morons urged the Colts to back up the Brinks truck to pay him $50 million a year.
    Could you imagine if Newton had 1/10 the talent surrounding him offensively as the Colts? The Panthers wouldn't draft another offensive player for the rest of Newton's career and many in the Huddle would agree!
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  12. mcdougal added a post in a topic What if the Panthers had drafted Andrew Luck?   

    The same nimrods that claim that the Panthers have done more than enough to surround Newton with talent...will turn around and scream everyday about the lack of offensive weapons surrounding Luck.
    Let's be real, if Luck were here, I am not sure the Panthers front office could get away with allocating as much resources into the defense and keeping Shula as OC. The local media and fan base would not stand for it and Luck's father would probably have taken legal action against the Panthers by now.
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  13. mcdougal added a post in a topic Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    Once again, where the hell were you in the off season: at the start of free agency and the draft; DEMANDING that the Panthers do more than just acquire a second round WR or bring in a Kick off return specialist?
    Again, (idiotic) Panthers fans complaining in September when the games begin DEMANDING our offense score more than 24 points, but are COMPLETELY silent (even mocking) Panthers fans who DEMAND upgrades to the offense when something ACTUALLY can be done.
    If you didn't say anything in March, April, and May...STFU now.
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  14. mcdougal added a post in a topic Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    lol at these officials. He clearly went under the hood, check the clock, and then came back out and "confirmed" with the back judge there was 17 seconds left.
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  15. mcdougal added a post in a topic Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread   

    See I knew someone was going to say this.
    After the game I will post, to this thread, all the threads acting like if ANYONE complains about the WRs or offense in general they were retarded.
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