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  1. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    holy smokes! will this make it to 30? i give it till Tuesday.
  2. About those corners...

    I smell an ad placement.....
  3. C-

    not so bad being average you know.
  4. MVP Posts

  5. The best thing you will see all day....

    looks overweight.
  6. Dear Josh

    i see the salt
  7. Josh's response to the AP

    oh boy the season has begun folks? can ya feel it?
  8. lol this world does not make sense.
  9. Cam's response to Von

    Maybe thats the reason because most people cant read him.
  10. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    humanity is the best right? sometimes i wish for an humanity to fallright now so i see the fear in peoples faces.
  11. Armanti Edwards....

    whats he up too?