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  1. This is crazy

    llol i laughed.
  2. my feeble minority complex screams with joy :D
  3. Jeebus...

  4. Mike Remmers

  5. Remember that guy who was on the saints that worked on NFL network? Ice'd up boi is 2.0
  6. Cam backing away from the ball...

    also think of it like when cats get freaked out they do a strange walk? this is what cam did. at that moment he was going for it but when he saw the ball knocked off he was literally "WHAT THE fug?"
  7. Cam backing away from the ball...

    67 had it but it was knocked out. if he dived in he be going in head first. I assumed that.
  8. Panthers pride at work and school

    look st the bigger picture for fanbase growth. if we win the fanbase growth will be exponential.
  9. Cam Newton disappointed me

    lol welcome to reality sir.
  10. Japanese super bowl!

    i approve this GO ATLANTA PANTHERS!
  11. lol 13.3 thas nuts. 
  12. Why is football popular?

    For graduating I need to write a paper if there is possibility for growth for football fans in Japan.  I am currently facing a block and I have to convince there is room for popularity for American football in japan. Please bare in mind I will be using this for my paper and any insightful thoughts are helpful. If possible please give me your reasons why you think football is popular as well.
  13. think you might have to delete system32