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  1. True, you can be a hardcore fan, but you still gotta get up on tuesday morning and go to work.
  2. I want everyone who questioned cams leadership to eat a dick
  3. Curtis Samuel is BuSTttt

    Ya dun goofd
  4. Panther bars in the Greensboro Area??

    Yeah jp looneys shut down a few back, then another sprts bar came in and failed, then fatdogs moved from down the road. And a place called bites and pints moved into the old fatdogs place. Spring garden/walker is a pretty good bar area if you arent trying to deal with downtown
  5. Panther bars in the Greensboro Area??

    jp looneys shut down a while back, but fat dogs moved in. I havent been to the new fat dogs for a game, but it looks pretty decent
  6. hahahaha i fuging wish cam would get a roughing the passer call on something like that
  7. Good game guys

    Dont you have a terrible thread to get locked?
  8. Flea flickers in this offense?

    youre not really asking a good question. Yes, no, who fuggin knows.
  9. Wow cam is playing a fuggin game today boiiii
  10. Jourdan Rodrigue Leaving Panthers Beat