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  1. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    To me, the good news ... no, GREAT news, is that Cam seems to understand the lightning rod that he is, from all sorts of people, with all sorts of feelings, some with, and some without, prejudice.  There are a lot of crazy, sorry asses out there, and I am in awe of how well he handles all of it, at such a young age.  I did not have as much grace as Cam in my mid-20s.  I am now a very old bitch... And I can't WAIT for Cam and the Panthers to shine this Sunday!!
  2. Good read from Barnwell on the Panthers

    that was really fun to read.... thanks for posting it!
  3. Cam Newton 360

    Great video.  Thanks for sharing it!
  4. GIFs from the Divisional Playoff Win

    Great thread.  Thanks for posting these.  I could watch all day!  
  5. Thank you Charles Tillman

    Nice story and tribute.  Thanks.  I hope the team can win a ring for him and for themselves!  Keep Pounding!
  6. It really pisses them off when you just smile.  Just ask Cam.
  7. did atlanta knock us out of the playoffs??

    let's see.... NO.
  8. One of the best lines in this forum today, imho.  LOLOL.
  9. Well it's a relief to finally know what happened today.  Straighten up and fly right, will you guys?  Please? PS I'm old and never do anything wrong...  So it's on all of you!
  10. Green Bay vs Arizona Game Thread

    Thank you!!  (fellow ashevillian here -- but somewhat clueless)
  11. Green Bay vs Arizona Game Thread

    A bit off topic, but can someone please explain: if Arizona winds up 14-2 and if Carolina winds up 14-2, why would Arizona get home field advantage?  It sounds like it would be a given, and not a coin toss.   Thanks ....
  12. ELO -- Hold on Tight (to your dreams)
  13. Merry Christmas !!!

    Merry Christmas, all.  I don't post much because I don't ever have much to add, but I love the Huddle dearly. Keep pounding!!