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  1. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    Elijah Hood

    No. Every rb in the league was good in college. Better use the spot on an undrafted rookie with no injury history.
  2. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    Good signing. History of winning at line is scrimmage. And can get us 800-1200 yards rushing a year.
  3. Fixed. To summarize we need all hall of fame players in the draft.
  4. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    Carolina Panthers Select LB Andre Smith UNC

    Camp / practice squad player. Worth the risk. Can’t expect more than 7 rookies making the team. Include undrafted
  5. Better cap space than what he left when he was fired.
  6. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    2015 NBA Draft Thread

    I want justice
  7. HE was release based on numbers game
  8. I drop them for the Vikings defense agains the Browns
  9. you have more pie in one post than I have total
  10. Former 49ers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. signed a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers, ESPN reported Thursday, ending his three-year tenure in San Francisco. Ginn had only two receptions in 2012 and ceded his kickoff-return duties to rookie LaMichael James late in the regular season, but he remained effective as a punt returner. He was 11th in the NFL in punt-return average (11.2 yards) after ranking fourth and third, respectively, the previous two seasons. In the Super Bowl, Ginn's 32-yard third-quarter punt return set up a 20-yard touchdown drive in the midst of San Francisco's second-half rally. Read more: http://www.sfgate.co...p#ixzz2OGdEMh5Y