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  1. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    Opening day Panthers Free Win Pie

    tied for first place
  2. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    Opening day Panthers Free Win Pie

    Eat those wins
  3. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    Opening day Panthers Free Win Pie

    Chicken pie
  4. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    Failcons Lost PIE thread!

    Matty ice was not iCy enough to win this one.
  5. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    Failcons Lost PIE thread!

    Last in the division
  6. Cam2Ligit2Quit


    I will not say they are forced. They are getting paid from for the show. The same way the USA military pays NFL for the flag and anthem. If they care about the military that much they will do the military pride for free. It’s all about the bottom line
  7. Cam2Ligit2Quit


    By anthem protest it won’t be an issue, because has never been an issue. Kneeling to Raise awareness for judicial injustices and police brutality among minority’s yea it will continue. The same way Brest cancer month (in nfl in a male dominated league and viewership) will continue to raise awareness and make you uncomfortable to get a check up. Protest has to make people uncomfortable to bring awareness. You don’t have teachers on strike during the summer time or nfl breast cancer awareness going on none football days. If what happens during the national anthem is that scared the league should stop selling food and drink or shut the door so no one goes in or out to avoid distractions
  8. Why don’t we trade Cam Newton for a tackle. That way we can keep Cam Newton from getting injured. haha
  9. Cam2Ligit2Quit

    2015 NBA Draft Thread

    I want justice
  10. HE was release based on numbers game
  11. I drop them for the Vikings defense agains the Browns
  12. you have more pie in one post than I have total
  13. Former 49ers wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. signed a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers, ESPN reported Thursday, ending his three-year tenure in San Francisco. Ginn had only two receptions in 2012 and ceded his kickoff-return duties to rookie LaMichael James late in the regular season, but he remained effective as a punt returner. He was 11th in the NFL in punt-return average (11.2 yards) after ranking fourth and third, respectively, the previous two seasons. In the Super Bowl, Ginn's 32-yard third-quarter punt return set up a 20-yard touchdown drive in the midst of San Francisco's second-half rally. Read more: http://www.sfgate.co...p#ixzz2OGdEMh5Y