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  1. MVP Posts

  2. Today's Practice Skirmish

    ​Plus all the practice fights ive ever seen ended in a better bond between players/units.
  3. Panthers talk to Greg Jennings

    Hey the more teams he visits without a deal means the cheaper offer he could accept. Gettleman is playing texas hold 'em.
  4. He needs sound the riverboat casino.
  5. Blue Goose Huddlers

    Im poised to make a run for this title next year.
  6. Get it together guys...

    Sorry... I used twitter as a gauge and just typing that out made me realize i need to hit the bong after work before i settle down and start posting.
  7. Get it together guys...

    The superbowl isnt won in free agency. Teams overpay for team needs during the FA frenzy and are often left crippled by rash decision making (see miami in a few years). Your first objective in any season is to win the division because if you do that then you have a shot at the superbowl, so you base your team needs around that aspect first and foremost. We have had a good enough team to win the division the last two years and offensively we do not have a "stellar" unit. What does that mean? it means we dont have to sign Murray, Thomas, Johnson, and Maclin in order to reach our goal. Why overpay when you can let the market deflate and find solid players to provide position-wide competition? I personally trust Gettlemans every move and will continue to do so until proven otherwise. I would advise you all to do the same and quit thinking we need to sign big-name players year after year.
  8. Huddle Mod Open Voting

    Girth Brooks!
  9. The purest game left

    I love me some football... but soccer is the purest sport imo. i know im going to get flamed for it but idc. its already tied with football for my favorite sport but it will probably end up passing it if the NFL/NCAA keep implementing rule after rule that waters the game down.
  10. yea i didnt really phrase that well.. i was just trying to say that the mother should know that they are much better off because of football and since Richard has a short time to achieve his career goals (which coincides with them being secure financially), she should have no problem with him playing. Its a lot easier to make another kid than win/play a super bowl. Sherm has 52 other guys that need his help.
  11. Literally every player that went thru radio row past or present said they would play in the game and that their wives would encourage the same.
  12. Not as much as the guilt the kid and mom would feel if that was shermans last chance to play in a super bowl.. you know the highest honor of the game in which provides them with a secured future financially?