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  1. I think this tell us that the Panthers won't be able to pick anyone at 24 because none of the players will be available.
  2. Our Visits so far. Who do you want?

    Justin Reid and DJ Moore
  3. You don't win a SB in Mahch as some GM's would say. Obviously they upgraded two positions at WR and CB. Also the Draft hasn't happened yet, but I still need to see the result on the field. A good FA and draft class can turn a team around instantaneously however the players still need to mesh on the field and have chemistry. So I'll reserve judgment until I see them play.
  4. Cot damn Hurney is getting busy in FA.
  5. Steelers Release S Mike Mitchell

    Nah, I'd much rather they draft Derwin James or Justin Reid
  6. Breeland a Panther

    I'll take it
  7. Panthers attending Vanderbilt pro day

    I didn't know Graham became a NFL scout.
  8. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    No, too many positions that have to be addressed at the moment.
  9. He definitely has some burners