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  1. if u havent been kicked off u will be. these guys can say anything they want but if u speak your mind or defend yourself they kick u off

  2. Yea, everyone thinks I'm like 17. LOL It's ok. I'd rather look 6 years younger than 6 years older!

  3. You just looked alot younger. Sorry

  4. LOL - Thanks, I think...

  5. Wow...I never knew that way you looked. Holy sh*t. Look at those nockers...:hurray:

  6. Hello 1 fan,just waiting 4 the game 2 start.thanx 4 the call. hope to talk soon with good news.i dont use this much i drive long distance and dont get home much.I made 2 games this year, only live 80 miles from stadium. pantherpower rules Rosodude

  7. Well poo I like all of them. Smith, Pep, JStew, DWill, JDel. Do I have to go on? Its to hard to choose.

  8. Hey Panthers Fan, I am a panthers fan too. Who is your favorite player?