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  1. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Zayn is awesome.  Finn and him are better than 90% of the main roster lol.
  2. Captain America: Civil War

    Yeah they couldn't use mutants, and maybe they could use Inhumans but they only have had a part on Agents of Shield and the viewers aren't invested in those characters yet, so they have to use what we've seen. We're going to get Black Panther and the new Spider-Man for the first time in this movie and we don't know exactly their roles.  It's still early and it was just a trailer.  Stark obviously wants to register EVERY "special" person so it's going to affect more than Bucky, but that just hits home with Cap obviously.  You think Stark wants Scarlet Witch just walking around unwatched?  It's any important movie, I don't think Stark and Cap ever have the same relationship again after this.  
  3. Panthers Work Out Cortland Finnegan

    Did the coaching staff really think Tillman would make it a whole year?  I was really hoping he would though, gah.   But to echo, Jones has been bad in coverage.  May as well let Shaq take the role if we don't sign anyone.
  4. Thomas Davis With An 11-0 Shoutout

    Haha this team is goofy and I love it.
  5. Johnson and Hardy

    He didn't act like normal Hardy really.  I think he was truly sad to see us doing so well and him not with us.  Didn't even have the facepaint on.    I know all the crap that is/going on, but seeing the pics makes me still miss him.    I'm glad he didn't go out there and do stupid stuff though.  
  6. Captain America: Civil War

    Looks great.   Tony's friend comment so sad lol.  Can't wait for this, but.... go team Cap.
  7. How the heck did he get injured?  A can of corn fell off the top shelf in his house and hit him in the head?
  8. Tillman Most Likely Out

    Are we surprised?  I'm surprised Tillman lasted this long.  Sucks though, he was having a good year.
  9. Walking Dead Season 6

    This show is the Nickelback of TV shows way too often.
  10. Rainbow Six Siege beta

    FYI open beta starts tomorrow and lasts all weekend for all platforms. Last chance for me to decide if I want to buy this.
  11. Jessica Jones

    Best Marvel villain yet IMO.  Tennant slayed that role.
  12. Well, if they were in their airspace, and I tend to believe Turkey as I doubt they'd do it otherwise, then that is what happens.   They apparently got tons of warnings and wouldn't leave.  You can't blame Turkey, as they can't really show weakness with all the crazy stuff going on and sharing a border with Syria.  
  13. Do you work for the NFL?  You sound great at towing the company line lol. The NFL can do whatever they want, they will not lose ratings, only gain.  Bad press doesn't harm the NFL.  The NFL has so many homer fans (no offense, but like you) who would never believe anything bad is happening.  You are a clear example that they can do whatever they want to influence ratings and have no backlash.   The officiating has gotten worse every year the last 4 years.  At this point the replacement refs were just as competent as the refs right now.   The NFL handled the Rice incident terribly, but do you think it harmed their ratings?  Not one person probably stopped watching because of that.  They can't fail.
  14. There was a lot of calls over those games that were unreal, not just that one.  And for other teams, the Seattle vs Detroit game where Seattle kicked the ball out of the endzone but got it at the 1 instead of a touchback and Lions ball, yeah. If the owners cared about officiating and thought Goodell was to blame, they'd fire him.  He works for them, not the players.  They keep him because they don't care about that, because business is good and better each year, despite what is happening.