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  1. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    Definitely. We can only hope some sort of compromise comes forth from the people left over that realize these options just SUCK. If you cut out the big money from buying politicians, some of the religious motives, etc, there can be a real compromise from different sides.
  2. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    It feels weird having a lot of democrats/liberals in this thread agreeing with republicans about how terrible Hilary is. What a weird election lol.
  3. NC DMV says Tesla can't sell cars here....

    Roads in NC seriously are terrible lol. Meanwhile drive through a state like WV that has WAY less money and their roads are super nice.
  4. What kind of nonsense is this? Is selling electric cars not in the interest of the public? This happened where I grew up (after I left) as well and it looks like dealers just owning up politicians and decision makers to me. Am I missing something here as to why a company should be denied the ability to sell their car?
  5. How the Left wins it for the Right

    I don't think many people would disagree that Hilary is a terrible option as well. As a Bernie fan, I like that the polls are starting to change toward Trump because the reasons for Bernie not to run independent are evaporating. Not only has the DNC and the media kept trying to stifle his campaign, now HRC may not even have a good chance. Those polls probably don't take into the account the Bernie supporters that may just stay home. Bernie should run independent and then stand up there and then look like the only person with some morals and hardly any dirt. I seriously think he can split each side enough to win. It seems a lot of Trump voters are really more Clinton haters than Trump fans.
  6. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Yeah I don't see how Baylor stays in NXT with this news for instance.
  7. Overwatch

    Dirtybomb has like 5k players at best at any time on Steam. Not a healthy playerbase and probably will get worse. The support of that game, won't last like a Blizzard game, also you'll have a player pool of millions.
  8. Freddie Gray

    So what if each cop says the other had nothing to do with it? Because that's usually how it goes.
  9. And still, these were coming regardless, because even at the $7.xx slave wage, robots are still cheaper. Companies will just use the min. wage as an excuse and to save face, just like they do when laying off people in changes that were in the pipeline for years. No way around it. The real question is, how do we, as a country, handle the fact that low-wage jobs will be going away? Not everyone can have a normal white collar job, what do we do when those jobs are all filled, since you have to work till you die now?
  10. Link sucks. Can't view without signing in.
  11. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    I feel the people that don't understand what Biz brought are the same people that thought since Tim Duncan would settle for a bank-shot instead of a flashy dunk he wasn't worth mentioning in the list of top players.
  12. HVAC question

    Yeah mostly that's what I said in the post (scenarios) , but I would say law of averages is most people will want to get one if house has some age and definitely septic tank.
  13. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    Biz would have had his best season ever, this season. Kemba came into his own, Batum came in, and we learned there was a 3-point line. He would have had more opportunities. I think he easily scores at least 10 points a game on top of his rebounding and blocks and overall defense. Lee struggled to get that. The fact is, this team is SOFT. We went into the season with the black hole of defense (Al), Zeller (soft and weak), Hawes (soft as they come), and Hansborogh (at least not soft, but doesn't do much else, even less than Biz). It was a terrible plan, especially when MKG went down. Lee came in and had some good offense but let's get carried away, he barely did more than Biz would on offense most of the year. Marvin in the playoffs had some games where Biz would have outscored him too. Biz's toughness and energy would have been much welcomed on this team in the playoffs. And stop using the fact Clifford played Maxill over him as a point. That was stupid and everyone knew it and Clifford was just being stupid as always with vets over young guys.
  14. Honestly, it's just as distracting as alcohol with a lot of people, but it is a slippery slope. I would call screaming kids in the back seat, and trying to feed them or split them up, etc, just as bad as well. What about fiddling on the radio? What about talking on the phone itself? I know you aren't even supposed to talk in some states though. Then, of course the fact that Americans are getting less and less sleep are always tired while driving just means more problems. We just need computers handling all the cars but people will fight that too.
  15. Not sure, the US Gov has been overthrowing leaders and appointing new ones for decades and we hardly hear about it. Also you know, JFK and MLK......