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  1. The Fall of Cam Newton

    Cam was like the best passer in the league when blitzed this year.....
  2. Your thread should have at least been merged into something like this thread, it was well thought out.  Sorry bro.
  3. I think Cam is too unpredictable for the NFL to get behind him, unfortunately.  
  4. Dear Mods: PLEASE get to work

    Please start by banning OP.
  5. NFL Rigged?

    I don't think anyone is placing blame 100% on the refs.  I would place about 40% of it on them.  The momentum turn early from the Cotchery nonsense that led to an easy run in on the fumble was crushing, and a handful of other failures through the game.  Having to eat up your challenges that early because of ref blindness is demoralizing.  It was a tough defensive game, helping one team get 7 points was huge.  We played like trash, so did their offense, but they didn't have to face the refs as well.  That is how the NFL has been doing this for so many years now.    A perfect game could beat all that, but you can't have a perfect game against their defense.  Cam and the crew knew right after the Cotchery thing.  They knew it was going to be an uphill battle.
  6. NFL Rigged?

    I wish I kept track of all the bogus stuff we've seen this year and everyone else's teams too.   I bet you can find some questionable things and patterns with what teams are involved.  
  7. Cam pouting at the podium

    Here is an idea.  Don't have someone that just lost the Super Bowl, have to come out and answer questions from morons like Joe Person an hour after.  Do it the next day.  Better yet, a couple days.   What do you expect?   Good for Cam.  He's a human.  Owes media nothing.  Screw the machine, sorry he doesn't do it like you did Deion.  Maybe he should get on his motorcycle in Cinci and get arrested for speeding on a bridge like you? 
  8. I'm here all night to defend Cam..

    I told people weeks ago Remmers was a liability for us.   Most people told me I was crazy.  Welp...
  9. So where does Carolina finish next year?

    I say 11/12 wins with this squad.   I can't say how far we go till I see what storyline is going on in the NFL that we have to go up against.  If Brady is retiring after the year or someone like that, we'll lose in the SB if we make it.
  10. Draft and free agency

    CJ and Allen gone.  CJ will probably get overpaid somewhere else.  Allen may come back cheap but I bet he hangs it up.  Stewart is probably staying,  but we really need to start looking to the future there, I bet we draft another RB later on in the draft. Short will be a priority in extension.  Star is a question mark, his foot issues are a worry but he was solid most of the year.   Norman is the question mark, but I think you have to keep him here for a few years.   Even when he gets older, he may be able to play safety, he doesn't mind hitting. We need o-line help.  Remmers is a backup at best.   We need a real future backup for Kalil.   We need to draft another LB because it wouldn't surprise me if Klein eventually leaves to start somewhere.    I think we'll go DE with first pick if value is there.  Ealy is a stud, we just need another guy.  Addison and Delaire are good future backups.    We will probably draft safety help as well.   I wouldn't mind us getting another WR in free agency.  KB will be back, but it's not a guarantee he'll be who he was before.   We need to cut Teddy Williams, NOW.  Guy has a penalty every GAME.  We need a new special teams coach.  This team has been trash on ST for way too many years.  It's really hosing us.   Gano is not dependable.  If there are better options, I wouldn't mind replacing him.  Yeah it's fun seeing all those touchbacks but when you get sick when it's time for a FG or XP, you have to question.    
  11. I hope DG learned something tonight

    We have money now, so we need to shore up some stuff.  Remmers is pure trash, like I said weeks ago.  He was decent in Seattle and Arizona but that guy has to be upgraded somehow.   When we DID have issues MOST of the year, it was always him.  Oher had a terrible game, he picked a bad week to have a clear terrible one.  I think he'll be OK though. Ealy is a stud, we just need another end.   That will probably be our first pick. DG rolled the dice by not getting WR help this offseason, even before KB got hurt, it hurt us in this game.  Our third rate WRs showed up with drops all over the place.    Basically, it was a terrible game to have those things exposed.  We can and should do better with KB back and some more money.   Shula basically sucked this game.  The guy has been good this year, but when he's bad, he's TERRIBLE.  The play calling was terrible.  We should have been running slants a ton.  We ran hardly any.   He puts us in a hard position, he's mostly pretty good, but when he's bad, it's game breaking bad.  We need a better FG kicker.  Oh-no-Gano just isn't dependable.  So many XPs missed and then that FG today.  He's done it before this year.   There may not be a better option but, I just always hold my breathe when he's out there kicking.  
  12. Cam pouting at the podium

    All of you bashing Cam are silly.  The guy just lost the super bowl, under some bogus circumstances from the first quarter on, when his o-line was trash, coaching was questionable, and his scrub receivers finally were exposed.  Should he be happy so you can say he's "too happy after a loss"?  What is the perfect amount of emotion for you?  Somewhere between sad and happy like some f'n robot?    Get over yourselves.  Sitting there saying he has to grow up, like YOU are an NFL player or even understand the kind of pressure he is under.  You get to go back to your desk at work this week looking at spreadsheets and stupid company e-mails while checking out the huddle and reddit.  Cam has a different life.  You can't begin to understand, I can't either, I don't try.  But it's not the same as you.   I guess he should come out happy he still gets millions and not care.  Is that what you want? Idiots. 
  13. I mean, I don't think it's fair to hate on OP too much.  He had a self-revelation.  He's not becoming ANOTHER team's fan.  He just realized he's invested too much in a "sport".  The fact is, we all probably did.   I love watching but when you sit back, in quiet, and think about how much you care about grown men, throwing a football around, doing things that really don't matter to you in your life in the grand scheme of things except something to talk about at work with your coworker or the hope you can beat the Steelers so that guy down the hall can get trolled all week you kind of realize that the human race has a long way to go.   We're watching grown men hit each other, causing lasting physical and mental damage and cheering it on.   It's basically gladiator sports just with no death (not till some decades later).    However, he'll be back, everyone will, for the draft.  We're addicts, and as much as it hurt, we'll be back for our hit.    I can't deny that it was such a fun year, I probably got too deep into it.   Especially when you realize that sometimes it doesn't matter how GREAT your team is, if the cards are stacked against you against officiating and storylines, it's going to be hard to win.  That's just something you have to accept with the NFL now.  
  14. NFL Rigged?

    For sure our oline got abused and Shula was exposed for being Shula.  BUT their defense is great.  I'm not taking away.  We just had to be PERFECT to beat them AND refs.  We needed an Arizona type game.  It didn't happen.   We lost.   That's just how the NFL is now, at least the last 13 or so years.   
  15. NFL Rigged?

    Players are giving it their all, no doubt.  It only takes one head ref, like today, overturning a call and picking up a flag.   I think the coaches and players bust tail, and I think they knew from the beginning what kind of day it would be.