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  1. Zaximus added a post in a topic I'm legitimately getting sad Obama's term is nearing the end   

    The outrage over coal "jobs" is totally stupid.   There has been a STEEP decline in jobs for decades, and the REAL reason is because of machines doing the jobs of people, which is much cheaper.  Also, they don't want to deal with unions and the safety concerns.   To say this is "killing the coal industry" is silly.   I grew up in one of these "poor Appalachia" areas, before someone tries to say I don't know what I am talking about.  I have generations of miners in my family, and many died in those mines as well.   The people in those areas should be blaming their elected officials over the last 30-40 years because they never invested in anything BUT coal, thinking it would last forever.   They had chances, and they still get chances, but yet it's coal or bust and that is THEIR fault, but the local officials get the public (whom usually lack education) to get in an uproar over the few jobs that even remain in the coal industry.
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  2. Zaximus added a post in a topic Another Officer killed at a traffic stop   

    We're a country that is desensitized to violence.  The world is to a degree as well.  Just watch some TV.  I watch the same shows so I'm just as guilty.   The country was founded on puritan values where violence seems to be normal and biblical so it just is.   You also have a country where the most important moments in our history were based around violence/wars.   We're a country that is ALWAYS fighting wars.  It's not surprising really that we are, how we are.
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  3. Zaximus added a post in a topic Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread   

    I am very upset over this. He was one of my favorites. They live is one of my favorite movies. Piper is and will always be underrated.
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  4. Zaximus added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    Point... way over your head.  I'm not the one on here advocating for the ban, but some are.  If I was, sure, I would do that, but I'm not.    The other part of is, you're not going to get on here and whine about people on welfare and assistance in their life because you HAD to have them be born and have a screwed up life/upbringing that leads to other psychological issues?  I really doubt it.    
    And yes, some can't afford, but something like 70% of Americans say they are Christians, so I believe there are 400k families that COULD afford it, right?  Even if you say, Evangelicals are 25%, 400k should find a home easy.  
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  5. Zaximus added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    Is your reading comp that bad?   It's pointing out the hypocrisy of those that want abortions banned but will complain about taking care of said lives later on.
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  6. Zaximus added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    Nothing you just said, has anything to do with what I said.  Try again?  The fact is, there are like 400k kids in the system and WAY more self-proclaimed Christians.   Something doesn't give here....
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  7. Zaximus added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    That could be, quite possibly, the dumbest comparison I have ever seen on this forum, and that is saying something.  There is, however, no surprise of where it is coming from though.
    Yes, of course you are baffled, because you are a hypocrite and don't understand.   You cry and moan for these unborn souls to come to life but after that you don't give a crap about them and have no care or thought about what happens past that.   So they are born and then you wipe your hands clean and decide they are on their own and its time to pull themselves up by the bootstraps.    Yet you will complain about their funding and "hand outs" later on in life.   
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  8. Zaximus added a post in a topic True Detective Season Two   

    House of Cards is good, but until you watch The Wire you can't compare anything, trust me.  When it comes to TV shows, there is The Wire at the top and then everything else below it, imo.
    I don't think we should put True Detective, BoB, Fargo, etc in the same category because they have one season to make a tight, controlled story, but other shows are across seasons so I think there is too much of a difference.
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  9. Zaximus added a post in a topic Ranking the modern Marvel Movies   

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. Avengers
    3. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    4. Iron Man
    5. Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
    6. Captain America 1
    7. Iron Man 2
    8. Thor
    9. Thor 2
    10. Iron Man 3
    Hulk with Norton is underated though.  Havn't seen Ant-Man yet.    If you included X-Men, 4 of those movies would be in the top 10 easily.   I think the first rebooted Spider-Man was really good and the best take on Spider-Man so far but not sure any Spider-Man movie would make it in the top 10 at this point, MAYBE #2 toward the bottom and only because of the strong work of Doc Oct, which was the ONLY good villian a spider-man movie has put out.   Technically Blade is Marvel but I'm keeping it out and just sticking with superheroes.
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  10. Zaximus added a post in a topic Self Checkout   

    People will still want an actual person.  Same reason people still go into the bank when 99% of the stuff can be done online or at an ATM.
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  11. Zaximus added a post in a topic PP facing real problems now   

    You know, I'd be onboard with banning abortion if the people that are against it were in line to adopt these children that no one wanted.  The last time I checked there was something like 400k kids in the system that no one wants.  I'm pretty sure there are WAYYYYY more Christians in American than that, actually, there are even more Evangelicals if you want to get even more specific.  Why aren't these do-gooders adopting or fostering these children that have no home?
    Until they are, they are hypocrites.  They want these children that no one wants born, and then whine and moan about supporting the cost of raising/taking care of them, then complain even more about government funding that is required for them to live their life because of a screwed up cycle and life that you forced them into.  
    So what I say is, put your money where your mouth is, and go and adopt and foster those kids you most desperately want to be born, but guess what, 99% of the people won't.
    And I'm with the other poster that wanted to know if all of you against stem cell research will swear off getting treatment for yourself, loved ones, children, etc that came about because of this research?  I bet you won't when it comes down to something AFFECTING you.
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  12. Zaximus added a post in a topic Windows 10? Who has installed it?   

    Got enterprise edition so I can't do it, so will probably just format and reload a different version to get the upgrade.  Heard good things though.
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  13. Zaximus added a post in a topic The Republican candidate is apparently going to be chosen this weekend   

    .... And yet election reform is only brought up by Bernie Sanders and a few others and even more scary is that most of the nation doesn't even care about it or see it as a problem.  This is an issue that almost every American should agree with.  
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  14. Zaximus added a post in a topic Uber   

    Yeah I don't think you can be a Uber driver if your car is more than like 5 or so years old.   Taxi drivers drive crazy so I'd much rather avoid them if possible.  Here in Charlotte outside of my work buildings it's always a bunch of crazy Taxi guys out there screaming at each other.  I think they are Ethiopean or something.
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  15. Zaximus added a post in a topic Anyone here good at dog training?   

    I may be spoiled since I have only owned German Shepherds, but I never needed to "pop" my dogs or use shock collars, ever.    A stern voice, not screaming, at the time of the infraction would do the trick.
    Crating is not a bad thing at all if you never use it as a disiplinary tool.  Going to the crate should be a good thing for your pup, not a bad.  Put them in there while you're watching TV or something for an hour here and there and they'll eventually be OK with going in there.
    I was walking my dogs with leash even when they were tiny and didn't need it yet just so they get used to it.
    Also hold your dog a lot, but mostly mess with their ears and stuff so they aren't so weird about it when they get older, trust me.  Also their feet too.
    Dogs generally want to please you, so you just have to let them know WHEN they are doing something wrong, not a minute after.   
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