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  1. Zaximus added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    Yeah, me either.  It takes hardly any time to get the "30 day rights".   Even squaters have had 30 days before to get out.  
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  2. Zaximus added a post in a topic Has Anyone Ever Explored the Deep Web?   

    This has been around for years, so yeah the onion network isn't anything new but it seems over the last couple of years everyone has found out about it and it's mentioned on TV shows and stuff now.  I think the shut down of Silk Road was an eye opener.   But yeah at this point, there is a large number of scammers running it and not scamming who you would think, it's more scamming people trying to sell stuff on there.    But yeah, there's a lot of that nasty junk on there and of course drugs and stuff like buying organs and weapons, etc.   It's still a crazy world that is fascinating and weird.   Those videos seem like shock value though.  
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  3. Zaximus added a post in a topic My Land Rover Defender 110 has finally ARRIVED!   

    Wow, so this really IS Jerry Richardson posting.......
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  4. Zaximus added a post in a topic NFL.COM Quarter 1 awards - J-No defensive MVP   

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  5. Zaximus added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    I never understand why people that have morals because they are afraid of going to hell think they are better than those who have morals that aren't afraid of going to such a place and do it just because it's right.   
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  6. Zaximus added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

    People were fishing hundreds of years before everyone had handguns, or even before guns were around.   If you value life, a shotgun would always be better for the home because it can be seen much easier and definitely packs more of a punch scaring away a criminal.   Is a hole in your wall really a worry at that point?  Besides, a big dog or even a smaller one that barks is going to be much safer for anyone involved and usually an intruder would decide to leave if everyone knows of his presence from a bark.
    But I know guns are much cooler.
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  7. Zaximus added a post in a topic CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!   

    I hate these one-and-done WC games though, but I feel good about our chances with the SHOULD BE Cy-Young winner up there.
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  8. Zaximus added a post in a topic Did Benjamin's injury help Cam become a better QB?   

    Possibly, but I think he's still be better off with KB in there for sure.
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  9. Zaximus added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

    Here is the thing, people doing mass shootings and flipping out aren't criminals, at least not yet.   Of course you can buy anything on the "black market" but it's going to be significantly harder and most normal people won't pursue that avenue because they are scared of it or scared of getting in trouble.  So yes, banning handguns would lower shootings and no, not everyone is going to be cool with buying some random gun from some random guy.   If anything curbs gun violence even if it's not a "over night fix" it should be done, and saying "well it won't fix it 100%, so let's not do it" isn't a valid excuse in my opinion.  You have to start somewhere.  
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  10. Zaximus added a post in a topic Sooooo.... who do the Hornets draft?   

     We'll do decent enough to not get a high enough pick to matter probably, keeping us in the group of everlasting mediocre teams, unfortunately.
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  11. Zaximus added a post in a topic So sell me on how the loss of MKG ruins our season.   

    You're in here now too?  Sigh.
    Everyone that has been in these forums knows that our record over the years WITH MKG is significantly better than without.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  His hustle, his defense, and the way it forces the other team to play differently is huge.  It's not always about points.   I still think the contract was bad, only because of his injury risks, but no one can question what he brings to the court.
    We're now down our only two guys that played defense last year, MKG and Biz (to another team).   We may pass better, score better, but we're going to be giving up a lot of points.
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  12. Zaximus added a post in a topic About that Jameis touchdown pass...   

    It really seems like every year, less and less holding calls are called.  I see it on every play and this year there have been some pretty big ones that weren't called.   More emphasis on offense I guess.
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  13. Zaximus added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

    So you would be OK banning handguns?  It doesn't completely solve the problem, but handguns are designed for one purpose, to kill another human.   It would be a step in the right direction.
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  14. Zaximus added a post in a topic SC Graham wants help for SC, doesn't remember denying help to NJ   

    Tables have turned.  How can you not remember a vote about Hurricane Sandy?  Seems like one that would be underlined unless he just voted whatever he was told like most of Washington.
    As much as it would be nice to teach him a lesson, it can't be at the people of SC's expense.
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  15. Zaximus added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Yeah in the vast amount of 18 career receptions he's made some catches, but he's still unproven, can hardly get off the line against CBs and gets pushed around and doesn't have great speed.   Boldin is a proven vet with experience.  Bersin wouldn't make another team's roster in the NFL, but let's crown him after a decent 50 yard game.  
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