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  1. Trading up with the Titans

    I would love Fuller. But I'm pretty sure this is for someone like Dodd or maybe Henry. Though if Dodd is gone by that time (if we move up) maybe Fuller is DG's backup plan?
  2. Trading up with the Titans

    I wonder if letting Norman go to FA was all about getting an extra third for next year so DG would feel more comfortable trading our regular 3rd next year....
  3. Courtney Lee Appreciation Thread

    If we only had MKG right now, those two guys could shut down some folks hard.
  4. AmeriGEDDON!!!!

    I hope the quality is as great as Walker Texas Ranger
  5. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    Haha. That's perfect.
  6. Trump vs. Hillary

    I would never vote for Trump, however, I'm really uneasy about voting for Hilary as a Bernie fan. Arsen does have some sort of a point about going from one to the other, but so do the others that point out that Hilary has way better policies on social issues and things than Trump. While Hilary is what is wrong about politics and money, Trump is what is wrong about a good portion of America's feelings on social issues. When it comes down to it, social issues are of more importance to me, because it doesn't get much worse than things like racism, inequality, etc. I also would NEVER vote for anyone that tried to use religion as a campaign tool. That's another thing that is TERRIBLY wrong about decisions being made in this country. I'm still undecided, I may just write in Bernie's name. I'm not sure. The truth is, Bernie is who we NEED, but looking at the voting results, Trump is probably who we DESERVE. Sadly.
  7. McCrory Backtracking: Executive Order

    This guy is like a 7 year old getting in trouble at school, and blaming everyone else. If that is true though, that's a pretty impressive setup. More likely though, Charlotte is just a progressive city stuck in a GOP redneck state and is just tired of getting hamstrung on moving to the future. For the record, McCrory was garbage way before this was signed in.
  8. I was spanked for a while, but it didn't work, and thinking about it, maybe it did promote defiance. But I'm weird anyway, pain doesn't affect me like others, it actually triggers an intense anger, hence why it never worked when I was spanked. Some people are like this. However, when I got older, after my parents realized spanking wasn't working, they started talking to me and expressing their disappointment. I never wanted to disappoint my parents, it really got to me, way worse than a spanking. So really it kept me in line mostly, not wanting to hurt them. I did get in trouble in high school early on (nothing crazy) and I would just tell them when I got home, so they weren't blindsided, and I was already feeling bad about it.
  9. Wonder how many lawyers are going to be calling this woman begging to take on her case against the police department?
  10. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    It still bugs me we didn't see Stannis' on-screen death. Anyone think he's brought back? Maybe he fills Lady Stoneheart's roll?
  11. So, Steve Kerr won Coach of the year? WTF?

    I could have coached that team to 70 wins.
  12. I totally thought this topic was going to be about something else.....
  13. First Round - Game 4 - Heat @ Hornets

    It takes time, even for playoff attendance. You have to think about this franchise as only about 10 years old, because people got so tired of the NBA and the team after they left it basically reset. It's still not as bad as say, Tampa Bay Rays when they had to GIVE out playoff tickets to games (granted, Florida fans are the worst). NBA is an odd sport anyway.
  14. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Imagine a zombie show where it wasn't complete morons. HBO really should have taken on TWD when they had the chance.
  15. First Round - Game 4 - Heat @ Hornets

    Never heard such one sided announcers