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  1. Our running game is straight out pathetic. fug you Shula
  2. fug you Ginn, piece of poo
  3. Fukcking old luck bastard
  4. Just smash those fuging zebras
  5. This is over fug you Denver
  6. Quite enough mistakes made now for the rest of the game, think you not team?
  7. FFS get your heads in the game and fuging protect that ball
  8. fug you peace of poo rigged refs
  9. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    Why is CJ in the game, isn't doing poo
  10. What Seahawks Fans Are Saying - Playoff Edition

    He'd have to climb a ladder to get to the banner.
  11. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    fug this fuging luckers.
  12. Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

    Cam is gonna have to go full mental in the PO's to cover this D's bad play.