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  1. That second interception was a helluva play by that Bear... When the ball gets tipped up he is 20 yards away and makes one hell of a play... We still suck tho !!
  2. "We just missed out on a few opportinuties and we are gonna go back and re-evaluate..."
  3. They should all stand there after the game and do the helicopter before hitting the showers...
  4. My man my wife cheated on me with

    Try rodeo sex with the sister.... Stick it in her pooper and whisper your ex-wifes name in her ear... Then try and hold on for 8 seconds....
  5. Well it will be 1st and 15 because we had 12 men in the huddle... Then its the ol' trick run up the middle where Stewart actually runs in to the back of the center... 2nd and 15.....
  6. So you're coming to Chicago

    I stayed at a hostel in Wicker Park for a week over the summer... I have never enjoyed a city as much as I did Chicago... The neighborhood of Wicker Parker is just too cool and its right on the Blue Line/Damen St stop...
  7. Trump bashing circle jerk - party of three....
  8. I have interviewed for jobs and not been hired... Can I sue?
  9. I doubt that "lady" in the video helped the situation... I wonder how many fights between guys have been started because some lippy girl has beer muscles and knows a guy wont hit her...
  10. I think Nantz has a man crush on him...
  11. I went straight to FB... Very disappointed not to be able to exchange pleasantries with him...
  12. His name is starting to make the rounds... Kyle Maraghy....
  13. Did anyone else hear him? Then Jim Nantz chimed in with a quick "Yeah.. All by himself"
  14. This is gorgeous...

    Yep... Who wants to bet our first play will be a run up the middle?