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  1. Chris "The Panthers almost killed me" Simms?
  2. I actually liked Hochuli... Get back to me when Staritore or whatever that douche nozzles name is retires...
  3. Netflix February

    Wentworth is still my favorite series.. Watching Bloodline now... Eh....
  4. Beating the Cowgirls in the Playoffs and knocking out Prime Time... He didnt even leave with the team.. They had to help in on a plane a few days later...
  5. Jesus FTW

    Just dont ask him to hold your M&M's... Too soon?
  6. Restaraunt Help- North Charlotte

    NoDa (North Davidson) is fairly close to the UNCC area... Some cool little spots to eat... Cabo Fish Taco... Haberdish...
  7. ^^^ Thats the internet for ya... A whole speech on why your taste in women is wrong...
  8. 30 For 30... Two Bills

    I know people think its cool to put down people on the internet but the original title was "30 For 30.. The Bills"... I still hope you think you are cool tho...
  9. 30 For 30... Two Bills

    I also liked how back in the 80's they rode the players and each others asses... Didnt coddle them like they do today...
  10. 30 For 30... Two Bills

    Its about Belichek and Parcells... Two Bills...
  11. Has anyone watched this yet? Very interesting to watch....
  12. Got this at Walmart today

    She gonna be mad bro.... This was taken at The WalMart on Independence... Its a Hello Kitty onsie with knee hi boots !
  13. Big push to rename UNCC

    Now that Judy Rose is gone maybe they will change to winning... 1990 Grad here...
  14. I dreamed I put my johnson in Caroline Wozniacki.... Not really just hoping it comes true !!