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  1. dave-o

    "These aren't people, they're animals."

    Tinderbox should be renamed Triggered Snowflakes....
  2. Wonder if her ass looks good in jeans?
  3. dave-o

    Redskins cheerleader scandal

    Pics or it never happened !!!!
  4. Freedom of speech but not freedom from consequences... Too bad, so sad....
  5. dave-o


    How about when the Patriots pick was announced last night and they cut to their fans in the stadium... The dude didnt know whether to cheer or not since they didnt know who it was....
  6. I liked their pick... He seems like a good guy and a great talent....
  7. Cant even be a dirty old man any more....
  8. dave-o

    Good escorts in SC?

    That dont smell like piss....
  9. dave-o

    Good resorts in SC?

    @ARSEN.... Doesnt all of Myrtle Beach smell like piss? The redneck Riviera....
  10. I will enjoy seeing that bandwagon empty...
  11. dave-o

    Post a pic, any pic.

  12. So I signed up and installed Playstation Vue last night and could not be happier !! Now I just need to get more savy with the remote and how navigate around....
  13. More research and these messages... Minus the pissing match... Have me leaning towards Vue... Thanks for the input...