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  1. Drama in Steeler country?

    I hate the Steelers.....
  2. "New Orleans Taints have new owner. Stefon Diggs"
  3. AINTS!!!!

    I havent been this happy for another team to win in some time ! SKOL !!
  4. Mike Shula Was Just at My Store

    I bet he ran right up to the middle register...
  5. Troy surprised

    Anyone else read that in Troy's voice?
  6. 4 years ago today from our PSL's against the 49ers....
  7. With a new stadium I want to know who replaces those 60,000 pissed off PSL owners who just lost their seats.... They wont want to re-up....
  8. @GusLevy..... Bravo !! Best post I have read on the Huddle !!
  9. I grew up watching an Air Coryell coached Chargers team with Dan Fouts at QB... Man they were fun to watch....
  10. Why is having a SB so effin' important anyway.... I'd rather win one.... Or two.....
  11. Gonna miss that first down run up the gut...
  12. When I am at a concert I want to shove the guy in front of me cell phone up his ass !!
  13. What do you expect from a group of people not smart enough to live above sea level?