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  1. He didnt ask him to wear jeans on Friday did he?
  2. "Glass Jaw" Trash man !!
  3. dave-o

    Post a pic, any pic.

  4. dave-o

    Post a pic, any pic.

  5. He just forgot to pay for those crab legs !!!
  6. I bet his girlfriends tap out in under 10 seconds...
  7. dave-o

    Obstructed View Seating

    At the beginning of the season when its hot as Haiti's out all of the seats are obstructed view with all the hot ass women prancing around... Damn its hard to focus out there some games !!
  8. His bust will have an ample chest !!
  9. Was watching when it happened.... ALS is so sad.... :-(
  10. Ha..... I grew with this guys nephew in Virginia...... 40. Bill Bergey..... It was always cool seeing him play.... Chris Hanburger for The Redskins was the man.... And in no way is Urlacher a better football player then Jack Lambert !!
  11. dave-o

    Post a pic, any pic.

  12. dave-o

    NFL Logos Ranked

    I still think the Redskins have the best uniforms... Growing up in VA the blood ran think for the Skins.... Gave them my first 30 years and the Panthers the last 21....