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  1. Also the Uptown Caberet is within walking distance...
  2. "Riverboat" is the biggest joke of nickname.... Can we ban it?
  3. Good thing this wasnt a Bucs game... Jameis would have swiped all the crab legs !!
  4. dave-o

    Can someone please explain...

    Put a fat head lineman in there !!!
  5. Irvin should concentrate on doing coke... He was great at that...
  6. dave-o

    Wtf? Charlotte is out of gas?

    Shows you how much the media affects the masses....
  7. I guess... Joe Buck... I couldnt remember his name before.. Haha... Getting old !!
  8. The announcer said after 7 years in the league Cam should have had a better plan down there...
  9. dave-o

    Cowboys fans

    Says the guy with 12,832 posts....
  10. I have loathed the Cowgirls for 51 years.....
  11. dave-o

    Stadium WiFi much improved

    Youporn at halftime !!!!
  12. dave-o

    Post a pic, any pic.

  13. dave-o

    Your most hated NFL team?

    Cowgirls NFC South....