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  1. Discord

    Pretty sure you just hit the plus button on the left hand side of the screen and just go from there. From what I recall its pretty straight forward
  2. The Federal Reserve.

    Could some explain to me why we let a global central banking system control our money with literally no oversight? Does anyone else see a problem with giving that much power to secretive bankers? Am I alone in this?
  3. But the girls I spank love being submissive... Explain science!
  4. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    lol you literally dont even know me or anything about my life. You on other hand...
  5. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    Atleast you admit you are a sheep. #knowyourrole. I on the other hand don't like being on my knees to the top 1% who horde their wealth and steal from the middle class.
  6. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    You don't even know thatcorporations and companiesare synonymous terms. Your political opinion of this country is inherently clouded. Coming from a shitty government and country to one that's less shitty is obviously going to look much better in comparison. That doesn't mean it's perfect or without fault. You're a sheep.
  7. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    Most willfully ignorant person on this board. But by all means continue to pull poo out of your ass. It makes for a good laugh
  8. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    People for Sanders are against this type of BS regardless of the party they belong to.Learn to quit playing sides and see the larger issues at hand here. When we allowthe top 1% to influence our elections and our media you get terrible results.
  9. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    Compared to you telling me a story about your life discounting the fact of corporations taking in record profits, productivity at an all time high while wages stagnate, the top 1% shifting the tax burden to the middle class over the last 60 years. Please tell me more about your humble beginnings and how the poor in the country don't work hard enough despite all evidence pointing in the opposite direction. Take a wild guess at who helped these massively wealthy people accomplish these feats. our politicians and dumb people like you who will carry their water for them and like it. Congrats
  10. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    Guess you skipped the lesson in school about making coherent logical arguments
  11. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    Thanks for proving my point with out knowing it. Your struggles and success have literally no bearing on the conversation of government/large corporation corruption. Literally none what so ever. Congrats you made it through your struggles. Big hats off to you. Sadly millions of people aren't as lucky as you because of our broken system that has been robbing the middle class since the 80's. You clearly don't get it.
  12. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    No it's still anecdotal and it's funny any argument you find yourself in you fall back on the same tired tactics. Your experiences aren't all encompassing you realize that right?
  13. Economic Freedom Zones

    What's to stop big corporations from buying up land, property, and businesses in these areas and rake in all the profit while forcing the already poor out of the area?
  14. Current projection: Hillary to win NY

    Hiliray was a Goldwater girl. It's not a myth dude. Its time for our country to think bigger than incremental change. We have the power and resources capable of doing anything we want but it's small minded inside the box status quo thinkers who are holding this country back. The people of this country deserve better.