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  1. TheRumGone

    Donte Jackson on Punt Returns

    Not what I’ve heard.
  2. TheRumGone

    Donte Jackson on Punt Returns

    I thought his hands sucked. Not sure id want him returning punts
  3. TheRumGone

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    This dude is a fullback.
  4. TheRumGone

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    He’s a really solid player. Good signing. I like the one year deal as well
  5. Not sure why people have a hard time understanding this.
  6. TheRumGone

    Matt Ryan Contract Details

    Yeah you franchise him until he agrees to a more team friendly deal. This is absurd.
  7. Awww poor baby had a pissy fit in the draft thread. I’m just giving my opinion man I’m not over the top and annoying like you. ps dominos is better
  8. He has traits that are similar but they’re not the same. This dude is a freak make no mistake about it. Odell is on another level coming out though. It’s all in Odell’s length of arms and his huge hands. The one thing that is similar is their athletic ability with the ball in their hands. It seems effortless, they are so smooth running and both have a nose for the touchdown. D.J. is going to be a great player for us. Odell level? Seriously doubt it. But he’s gonna help us win games. Something Odell doesn’t do with his antics.
  9. Hahahahahaha oh Marty you’re so predictable
  10. Did you really expect anything different? I sure as poo didn’t. It’s why we drafted amini instead of glenn
  11. TheRumGone

    Huddle Worst of the Worst

    Just ban @*FreeFua* already please. It’s ok to disagree and give some intelligent reasons but this dude is just vomiting all over every thread non stop during his little hissy fit, mental breakdown.
  12. TheRumGone

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    this thread is gonna be really embarrassing in the future for one poster on here