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  1. Great news! Get healthy soon KB!
  2. Or you could just not sexually assault women and be ok.
  3. Not gonna lie. 3 quality teams makes this year so much fun to watch. We gonna tap that ass in NO week 13 tho :-p. Good luck brother.
  4. I guess alien lasers hit gatlinburg because I was just up there earlier this year and it looked just like the pics you’re showing in California. Also. There were random trees, and the cabin I stayed in was the only one on that side of the mountain that survived the fires. Stop being so dense.
  5. General Gameday thread...

    fug the saints
  6. DG in retrospect

    I’m not talking about free agents specifically I’m talking about the contracts he gave out over his tenure
  7. DG in retrospect

    Matt was a bad signing as it stands right now and the Norman thing still really bothers me. But compare that to Marty’s dumb signings and dumb signings across the league and you can see that it still hasn’t put us in a horrible spot financially. That’s why people saying it’s a wash between the two don’t know what they’re talking about. At the very least, DG didn’t leave us in financial ruin. But there were more things than just that, that DG did really well.
  8. I’m not dissing on Worley. Just said it’s dumb to try and compare Norman and him at year two and gave my reasons why. The end.
  9. Ball skills show athleticism though. And even though he tested poorly in the 40 he can keep up with some of the fastest wrs in the league. He is freakishly athletic to do the things that he does on the field. Don’t know what else to tell you. We can just agree to disagree.
  10. Don’t care what he tested at. He is highly athletic on the field and his play shows that.
  11. DG in retrospect

    Hitting on 50 percent of his picks? I’d take that everyday and twice on Sunday’s. Some of y’all have extremely unreal expectations of the draft.
  12. Liberal Hollyweird Going Down....

    Really hope people are not lumping in CK with the rest. What he did was wrong but nowhere near what the others did. And he’s the only one who actually faced it like a man.