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  1. I was pleasantly surprised about the nice things they said about Cam.
  2. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    I'm sorry I should've said anyone who knows for a fact that we ignored whitworth is a fuvking idiot, You fuging idiot. As you've shown numerous times on this board with your God complex and calling our former GM a fat ass. Canadians are suppose to be nice, go fug yourself bitch.
  3. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    You don't know though but you always act like you do, and that's why posters like you make my eyes bleed.
  4. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    You forgot something....does the player want us?
  5. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    Anyone here who thinks we just ignored whitworth in the offseason is a fuvking idiot
  6. Olsen has a broken foot

    Hiatus? I've been here all along. and I'm glad you admit you have real issues. Go seek help dude. You are a disaster.
  7. Olsen has a broken foot

    You are seriously a miserable bastard. Seek mental attention please.
  8. Olsen has a broken foot

    Jinxed the fug out of himself. get well soon Greg. We need you bad
  9. Ok offense now is your time. We need that W
  10. Because he can read defenses and you're a reactionary piece of poo like 70% of the people on this board
  11. Also I'm gonna be surprised if we win this game if the offense doesn't score a td
  12. Cam is not perfect but you're a fuging idiot
  13. Agreed. We are running the same concepts we run stew with.