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  1. He was never the same after that but still better than what we got right meow.
  2. Injuries have derailed two of them. Although a couple of us were relentless about the Kaep vs cam debate. He was a one read and take off quarterback that got figured out. Same kind of deal with rg3. Although you saw kaep adjusting and going through reads and playing at a high level his last starts in the league. cam is just on another planet compared to them minus luck who if not injuried would be in the same conversation as cam I think. Wilson is a backyard type of player. He’s good but not like cam or luck (was).
  3. It’s scary that it didn’t even look like he was trying to run hard. He glides across the field.
  4. Some of y’all must smoke an insane amount of weed to forget DG’s draft picks
  5. Need to see how this year plays out with him but it’s not looking good.
  6. TheRumGone

    Josh Gordon!

    I don’t see how this is a swing for the fences deal if it was just for a 5th. That’s low cost, high reward to get a game changing freak. And we’re not just talking a number machine, even tho he is. Dude is clutch in the 4th quarter of close games.
  7. TheRumGone

    Josh Gordon!

    Doesn’t matter. Gordon is one of the best if not the best wide receivers in the game when he’s on the field. You take that chance with a 5th. He would change our entire offense for the better. And if he gets suspended? You lose a fifth. It’s worth the risk.
  8. TheRumGone

    Josh Gordon!

    Jesus why tf would the browns trade him to the patriots of all fuging teams. What a dumpster fire they are.
  9. TheRumGone

    Eminem got Wrecked in a diss track

    How is that a good response? Just like all those guys music they lack creativity and talent. the dude you’re referring to is one of the worst rappers I’ve ever heard in my life.
  10. TheRumGone

    It could be worse

    What’s up with mariota? I haven’t been paying attention
  11. That dudes been a headcase for years
  12. TheRumGone

    Play DJ Moore

    Dj needs more snaps. And we need to give him the room to grow. I mean we threw kelvin out to the fire his rookie year. Let the kid work and grow.
  13. TheRumGone

    Play DJ Moore

    I’m sure Samuel is not happy he has/had an irregular heartbeat. Jesus it’s just a fuvking game.
  14. On the field too much to start