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  1. Cards/Wilks sign CB Bene' Benwikere

    We did do him dirty. And the organization should be fuging embarrassed. I hope he gets his career back on track.
  2. I don’t think he was ever the same after this...
  3. soon to sign WR Jarius Wright to play slot

    He’s a solid wide receiver. Made some big plays for them over the years.
  4. FA Signings

    Does anyone else think the word bed kind of looks like a bed?
  5. FA Signings

    Oh snap!
  6. I really hope not. I don’t wanna hate Greg from a fan perspective.
  7. He doesn’t get on the field because kk is one of the best in the league. He’s entrenched there. He’s never been given a shot to have the full reps
  8. Trading him makes zero sense unless we can get a secondary player for him. Good luck with that. Doesn’t clear up enough cap to be significant. Takes away a good rotational player who is cheap on a rookie deal.
  9. Why are people calling him a bust when he doesn’t get the snaps? I actually feel sorry for Butler. He’s stuck behind an all-pro player in KK. I get the thinking behind drafting him. We didn’t know if we could sign KK and he was an insurance policy. We also rotate or d line like crazy because it’s suppose to be the strength of the defense with our patched up secondary.
  10. Here we go...

    Love coming your way internet broham. Stay strong.
  11. Roman Polanski

  12. Are you sure about that? Lots of teams are gonna be scared about that leg. And we should be too. Price tag needs to be really low. He hasn’t proved he’s back from it.
  13. Teachers With Guns

    this country is doomed. And it’s not just because trump is in power. If we did nothing after those little BABIES were murdered we sure as poo won’t do anything now. What the students are doing is nobel and makes me feel proud but there is too much corruption. Those in power value money over human lives. This is just our reality now.