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  1. This won’t happen, but if it did.....

    Yup. Hearing how he broke down and cried, and then having to face the media with puffy eyes. Big ups to that guy, not many people could do that.
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    I laughed out loud
  3. This won’t happen, but if it did.....

    He faced it like a man. nothing but respect for him.
  4. Bradberry needs to be more aggressive to the ball. He has the length and enough quickness to do that. Too many times we saw him stay on his man, see them catch it then tackle. That’s fine if it’s before the first down marker. Its kind of weird wilks went so aggressive when he was the db coach and knew what we had on the back end more than anyone. I guess that maybe why he did that. We just couldn’t get to the qb quick enough as much as we would want.
  5. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with that play. And stop embarrassing us bringing td into it. tds hit was one of the dirtiest hits you’ll see.
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    Pin this thread for eternity
  7. Let Worley walk. Sign funch and 5th year option Shaq. We need to see what Shaq has with a bigger role in TDs place. Funch should not be too expensive to keep. Worley is just depth, we need an upgrade.
  8. Troy surprised

    I think we’re getting caught up in semantics. When people use the phrase running qb they mean it as a slight to him. That he can’t throw. So either way you say it is fine as long as people mention how prolific a passer he has been compared to other qbs in their first 7 seasons
  9. Troy surprised

    He was asked to do those things because we ldon’t have a run game outside of him. He is literally our entire offense running and passing. how do you explain his passing stats being up there with HOF qbs after their first 7 seasons?
  10. Troy surprised

    I definitely think Cam needs to be pushed by somebody who knows what the fug they’re doing. I just get tired like most people when we get the tmz version when we should be getting a well rounded, thoughtful opinion that goes into the nuances of the position and offense as a whole. Which is why Troy is very disappointing to me. And that’s not just with Cam but with every nfl player. If they’re doing it with Cam, you know they do it with a lot of others. Lazy opinions.
  11. Troy surprised

    When you look at things on the surface it looks like Cam is a below average passer. For Troy to say things like this when he’s played the QB position at a high level and understands the nuances of the game it is inexcusable. He’s doing a disservice to a fellow professional and it makes me not take anything he says seriously. You can’t on one hand call out how horrible a Shula play design is repeatedly and then on the other hand talk about how horrible Cam is as a passer. Those two are linked. Cam makes some poor throws but if you look at the entirety of a game compared to other skilled passers its roughly the same. He’s not Drew Brees or Brady. But he’s not a running q.b. He’s a qb who can run.
  12. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    Slow up on the losers talk with Funchess and Samuel. I’m all in on Gordon. I would even give up our first if that’s what it would take. I’ve been following him since he entered the league. He’s a changed man and coming into this locker room would only solidify that. Hes gonna wreck the league for years to come. Him and Cam would be a HOF duo. I would be ecstatic.
  13. L-M-A-O

    That fanbase hated bevell, Shula would make them lose their minds.
  14. He hasn’t. He’s actually a huge success story from what I remember. I can separate on field stuff with off field. On field, he’s a baby bitch and I hate him.