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  1. Good season, folks

    I really think he thought Kalil was going to snag that and didn't wanna knock it away. I'm not too sure. i mean we are talking about Cam here. The dude is not afraid to get hit or go in and do dirty work in short yardage. I'm just not willing to take it that far where people are calling out his hustle. I think it's unfair.
  2. Kony Ealy

    Yeah said in the game day thread that kony will be a star next year.
  3. Oh and I'm really glad I didn't drink tonight and take Monday off of work.
  4. Haha I know the feeling man. You'll be back. This poo is addicting. We showed a lot of things this season and although we didn't win it all I'm putting some things in perspective. I had a TON of fun this year with friends and family and debating and enjoying all the posts here on the huddle. This hurts like hell, but focus on the good stuff. Hopefully you made some memories this season with some buddies and most importantly had fun.
  5. Kony ealy is going to be a star next year 
  6. So now we know the refs are against us

    They've been fair ever since however game changing that was. Need to own this second half. This is gonna be a tight game. Defense needs to make some plays. Von Miller has been a one man wrecking crew unfortunately
  7. Y'all stressing. Stay with this team.
  8. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    Not really. First it said if a long term deal cannot be reached and second tagging him is like 14 mill gauaranteed. i think we may actually get a deal done give. Our cap situation, I think they actually might view him as a core player
  9. So amped. Going to a house party at my buddies in 2 hrs. Getting the smoker started, drinking and dabbing with fellow Panther fans until kickoff. Been watching games with this crew since high school.    what a year. it's a great time to be alive. 
  10. Look who I found trolling Cam's MVP article

    He is "puts the lotion on its skin" level creepy.
  11. We've got some peeping toms!

    I'm sure those pictures will dissapoint you.
  12. Deangelo Williams picks....

    Where the fug have you been?