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  1. Gettleman Fires Marc Ross

    Dude is wasting no time
  2. You are a bully. I hope your moms basement is warm.
  3. You are so right! They did lose that year
  4. Randy Moss and Tom Brady come to mind
  5. Gettleman: Hold my Beer, OBJ either sign a team friendly deal or else... OBJ: Bye
  6. Seriously, I made my point & If you need more education I will need to invoice you for my time.
  7. I think more owners believe Ron R. develops solid coaches than not. He teaches team first complementary football.
  8. Honestly we had one scout leave to head up the Titans office and another one took retirement. We lost our number 2 GM in waiting. We had multiple players retire out of the blue. We had Steve Smith cut. Josh Norman cut or let go or not brought back. On and on and on
  9. All right veterans are going to start retiring, players contracts are going to start being renegotiated and the front office is going to start to turn over
  10. With all these Head Coaches losing their jobs this weekend there could be some good assistants out there ...
  11. This is good news. It’s always good news when your coaches, players and from office folks are wanted elsewhere
  12. Vernon Butler First Impressions

    just saying...