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  1. Guys, the 1st pick in the draft should hide a lot of deficiencies. Thats the expectation.
  2. johnnydefence

    Fantasy help thread

    Good Question
  3. johnnydefence

    Custom Panthers Shoes?

    Steph Curry always comes out with a Panthers color scheme shoe.
  4. I agree but the patriots only rush three pretty much the entire night. I was more impressed by the way our front five handled their Blitz pressures.
  5. Last year, they won the conference. So, technically every AFC division. Also, I would say they have more than a punchers chance to have won all the divisions in the nfc seeing that they had a chance to win the Super Bowl on their last drive. All I’m saying is there’s one team in the NFL that has set the standard for the last 15 years and we should not doubt year over year until they prove that they could not be that standard any longer. Every single time the Panthers beat the patriots in the regular-season or preseason we should celebrate and be grateful. Year in and year out the patriots have been the standard.
  6. You are full of crap but you are not the first person to doubt the New England Patriots.
  7. I watched the game again today and was blown away by the way the panthers starting front 7 dominated the pats front 7. KK domination of the run game was incredible. Luke seemed to be unblockable. Shaqs speed to the ball is just nasty.
  8. You are full of crap and everyone who liked this post is wishful thinking. What’s your fact base? This is the New England Patriots. Give them the respect they have earned. There are three teams every single year for 15 years that have planned everything they do around beating the patriots and they have yet to do that with any consistency.... given them respect they are earned.
  9. These kids have moxy.
  10. johnnydefence

    Vernon Butler First Impressions

    just saying...