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  1. Oscar Nominations

    I can definitely understand the preference, it is my second choice of the ones nominated. I would be perfectly okay with either of them or Darkest Hour. The last two years have been weird. Normally there is a film that I definitely think should win. Lately I have been more likely to have several I would be okay with. Last year I had four (of course non of them won).
  2. Oscar Nominations

    I have yet to see Phantom Thread, The Post, or I, Tonya. But from what I have seen I would vote for Best Picture: The Shape of Water It seems to be the favorite and I hope it wins but I could see voters awarding del Toro and then trying to make some political statement here (I know, shocking). The have both Get Out and Lady Bird (heavily female cast and female director...#metoo!) to choose from. Nothing against either, enjoyed them, but they are not best picture. ***I would have voted for Wind River over any of the nominated films*** Best Director: Guillermo del Toro I actually think he is going to win. He should have won for Pan’s Labryinth (the film should have won too) and I will be really excited to see him get the award. Best Actor: Gary Oldman (Darkest Hour) This is the most sure thing, has to win for me this year. Luckily, like Casey Affleck last year, it seems it will happen. I honestly think the film itself should be higher up in the competition for Best Picture compared to some of the other challengers. Best Actress: Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) I have no strong conviction here. I have seen three nominees and Would not argue against any of them, they were all amazing in their different ways. McDormand is going to win, and it does not really upset me. She was great. Ronan was great also. I have not even see the other two nominees so they may be better than all three. Best Supporting Actor: Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) Again, I do not have very strong feelings on this one. Rockwell is the best of the three I have seen, but he is not so great that I would be upset if he lost. Best Supporting Actress: Laurie Metcalf (Lady Bird) It seems as if Janney is going to win. I have not seen her performance so at this point I cannot criticize that choice if they go that way.
  3. UEFA Champions League

    I am pretty satisfied with Bayern’s prospect of advancement =)
  4. So he can afford to buy the team outright and he has experience in ownership of a successful franchise? Sounds good to me.
  5. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Well, we finally got JD. 5 yrs, 110. It is basically a 2 yr/50 million contract where JD has the option to opt into a 3 yr/60 million contract. As a Boras client I think we can all assume he will opt out. He also has the incentive not to go all fat and happy like another former FA. I am often critical of him but it seems like Dombroski did really well here. By the time he opts out in 2020 Sandoval, Hanley, and Castillo will all be off the books and we will have money to spend on the youngsters we want to be in our core.
  6. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    I love Nunez. There was talk of him being a Yankee target, which has me worried. Betts and Bogaerts definitely need to step it way back up this year. They have the ability to be the centerpieces, they just need to do it. Bradley and Porcello will be interesting because we need to find out who they really are. I hope Porcello is not another Buchholz where he alternates good and terrible years, but if so at least we are in for a good one. Worst case on Bradley is we have an elite defensive CF. I am to the point with Hanley that anything we get from him will be a welcomed surprise. Maybe my opinion is somewhat tarnished since we got him the same winter as Sandoval. I cannot wait for those contracts to go away over the next two years. The guy I am most excited for is Devers.
  7. How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Saw Price was out taking responsibility for his actions and attitude last season. This could be all talk but it I definitely good to see. If he can see a Lackey-esque revival then it could go a long way to improving our chances of three-peating in the division and competing in the playoffs.
  8. Power Ranking 2018...(Way to early)

    The top nine are correct, although maybe not in the right order. I would have us 10 or 11 along with KC, could see arguments either way. Seattle and Houston should be behind us.
  9. UEFA Champions League

    Who is PSG gong to buy after this?
  10. UEFA Champions League

    I saw both Juve and City were up 2 early. Seems it was not enough for the reigning runners-up. Now they have to win or head home early.
  11. Big cats and karma

    I do not root for the death of people under any circumstances. That being said I can choose not to be upset. If the choice comes down to a lion or a douchebag that wants the lion as a trophy, then this had the proper ending.
  12. Sobering Reality

    Wow, so twenty-eighth and that is with Kemba. smh
  13. Sobering Reality

    Outside of Kemba, there cannot be a worse franchise the last fifteen years I wonder what the winning % is of all sports teams since the Bobcats began.
  14. Cloverfield Series

    That experience was basically the exact opposite for me than In Bruges. That preview was horrible and I wanted nothing to do with the film. I finally saw it a few years later and it is the last time I remember laughing throughout a film (I am not a big comedy person, a great film with comedy sprinkled in)
  15. That was a really fun games last night. I feel like Duke has done a lot better in the first match-up of the season lately while the Heels have to look to even the series. It is nice to be up this time around. I think that you could definitely tell that Duke’s squad was filled with Freshmen unaccustomed to a big time rivalry road game. Will be interesting to see how much they improve next time around with that experience and being at home.