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  1. I am not sure what I thought it was going to be from the previews, but it is definitely different than I anticipated.
  2. It is different because it is only a limited run series as opposed to actually having multiple seasons, but it is the most engaged I have been in a show since The Leftovers went off the air. It is basically a small town murder mystery. The show it most makes me think of is True Detective.
  3. That show is phenomenal so far...I hope they can finish it off. I have not read a single thing on it because I know it is based on a book and do not want anything spoiled. I have a bunch of different possibilities and theories going on in my head. After the most previous episode I have kind of begun to meld several of them together into a theory I really like. That being said, it is probably completely wrong.
  4. Yes she is, but she seems to be a competent scumbag, the brothers are worthless, although I still love Roman. I thought the same thing about Culkin.
  5. Honestly, depending on the time you ask me it makes mine. I have a top two and then there are about five or six films that can go in almost any order.
  6. Roman’s reaction to the space shuttle was bleepin hilarious. Shiv is the only one of the kids that is worth a damn. My favorite character is her or Stewy.
  7. 1) Cloud Atlas (2012) 2) Casablanca (1942) 3) Gone With the Wind (1939) 4) Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) 5) The Shawshank Redemption (1994) The top two are pretty well set for me. There are really about twelve films after that though that can go in almost any order depending on when you ask me. You mentioned best sequel. It is The Godfather Part II and it is not even close. I love Aliens, which you mentioned, and it is better than any other ever made, but this is just a different level thing going on.
  8. Well no, but not every person that voted for him is a white racist and not every person in Ohio hates Lebron. I know of a lot dumber reasons people vote the way they do than “he criticized my sports hero.” Just in the sports landscape alone I know a Red Sox fan that voted for Bush because Kerry said the Sox best player was Manny Ortez and I have a friend that voted for Obama because he is a White Sox fan. Most importantly, it was a joke. =)
  9. Someone should remind him that Ohio is a swing state.
  10. You have to stick with The Leftovers. I know multiple people that did not like it at first even into the seventh or eighth episode but now have it among, if not at the top of their all-time list. That being said, it is not for everyone and I can understand why some would not like it. I feel like it just depends on your life experiences and how you relate to the characters/story. For some it would seem like a foreign language while for others, myself included, it can feel as if you were the basis for a character(s).
  11. I absolutely love Succession. I feel like it is the show that Billions wanted to be and find it addicting much in the same way I found Mad Men. I even find similarities in their theme songs and how they get into my head and I am humming it for days. That being said...I would not even put it two tiers below The Wire or Deadwood. As far as ‘18. Shows go though Succession is challenging the final season of The Americans for my favorite. They could both be surpassed though if the final four episodes of Sharp Objects are as good as the first four. I highly recommend that show, it has been fabulous.
  12. Agreed, I feel as if we got cheated of some fine moments with the way they rushed the ending. Rothstein’s downfall would have been a joy to watch. They needed an extra season between S4 and S5
  13. I prefer The Leftovers. Of everything I have ever watched, read, listened to, etc. it is my absolute favorite. That being said, The Wire is next and is absolutely on another level from every other show below it. Six Feet Under is third for me but it is definitely a tier below along with Deadwood and Boardwalk Empire. I feel as if both of those two dad the potential to reach that upper tier. The former ended one season too early while the latter should have had an extra season before the final one. That time jump did not work for me. The Sopranos is right there with them but had the opposite problem I feel as if went on too long and they were stretching things out. In regards to Game of Thrones, I love it but I never rank a show that is still going on against shows that have completed their run. There was a time where it had the potential to get as high as third. This past season was a major drop in quality however and at this point it will take a lot to surpass any of those top six for me. If you wanted to call be an HBO whore I would not dispute it. As for non-HBO shows my favorites are The Americans and The West Wing followed by Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and Friday Night Lights
  14. Goondal

    How about those RED SOX! Part Deux

    Pearce, Kinsler, and Eovaldi were all decent pick-ups in areas of need. I Am normally critical of Dombrowski but I feel as if he did a really good job of filling out the roster despite having a very limited system from which to trade from. I would have liked another RP but it may not be necessary. At this point the Astros do have an edge at second starter and the Yankees have an edge in the pen outside of the ninth but in both places we have guys that can do the job as long as they perform.