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  1. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

    Panamanian penalties have endangered my Lukaku-most goals bet.
  2. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

  3. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

    This would go down as the biggest embarrassment in the history of sports.
  4. Goondal

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    I am happy with this. Miles was my choice unless someone fell. Porter did fall but was also a risk. Just did not want one of the UK guys
  5. Goondal

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    Wanted Miles but did not expect this...take Porter
  6. Goondal

    Westworld Season 2

    I had a feeling William was a host, however I thought the big reveal was also going to be a reveal to him that he is one and this final game was his journey to that discovery.
  7. Goondal

    Trumpers then vs now

    Democrats really need to let him shut it down and let him keep it shut down six months if need be.
  8. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

    Well my Russia and Uruguay to advance from Group A bet is looking good.
  9. Goondal

    Hereditary- new horror movie

    I agree, the acting was superb...expect for the son’s crying, that was bad.
  10. Goondal

    Hereditary- new horror movie

    I enjoyed Get Out but also thought it was very overrated. I really loved Hereditary for the most part however the last two or three minutes really took me out of the film and I did not like. I feel like they had an excellent moment to end the film and the moment it came I thought “that is perfect.” Then they decided to add that last scene, maybe it was just me but I did not feel it was needed. Thankfully in the day and a half since seeing it and thinking about it I have definitely decided the good stuff far outweighed it for me and I do want to see it again. Now I just find it mildly annoying but it definitely took me out of the film in a way I think was unintended.
  11. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

    Hypothetical... -Mexico manages four more points to top the group. -Portugal does enough goals to finish ahead of Spain. -Croatia gets a result against Argentina to top the group. All of a sudden one side of the bracket has Uruguay, Spain, France, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, and Belgium. Meanwhile teams like Croatia are sitting on the other side like "holy poo!"
  12. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

    Switzerland could eventually be the hidden winner here if this leads to Germany finishing second in the group allowing them to get Mexico in Ro16
  13. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

    That is being kind
  14. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

    I was really concerned in the lead up to this tournament with how they were playing. This is embarrassing
  15. Goondal

    World Cup General Discussion

    I do not disagree with that. My feelings are specific to that Euro because third place teams advancing is a joke and their ninety minute record was a win and six draws. That does not impress me.