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  1. I cannot imagine the glue the ownership must be huffing to bring Lewis back. It is so utterly insane at this point how comfortable they are with being mediocre. FOREVER BUNGALOIDS
  2. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    This season Nervous about what might be uncovered.
  3. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    Well if he's the Patriot slayer people make him out to be, he would have taken them to the super bowl there also. They had some really great teams from 05-09 that he could have been with, one 14-2 and another 13-3 and won titles... but no, he didn't. Furthermore, if he was still with the chargers, he likely wouldn't be hitting the bench now, but because he HAD to make "the right call" that call is now getting him benched. Enjoy the pine eli.
  4. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    HAHAHAAHa THAT'S what eli get's. Serves him right. All those years back you made your mind up you won't play for the chargers and did them dirty, well now it's come back on him, how does it feel to have a team tell YOU that you can't play for them? Poor poor millionaire Eli.
  5. Punisher - Netflix

    Absolutely the guy is great. The punisher stuff from DD SEASON 2 was so good. Can’t wait
  6. For the love of all that is holy

    These grown men are paid PROFESSIONALS. Paid millions. Two weeks ago we were 4-1. They need to go out there and act like professionals and do the best job they can. They aren’t high school kids who should constantly be pushed to give their all every practice and game.
  7. I'll say it again, I love character stories with great acting.... but with something this big, I just want an answer. Doesn't need to be good, can be utterly stupid and I'll live with it. Literally if they told the entire story how they wanted and the last 10 seconds of the show was some guy showing up and explaining it, that we suffice. I don't care for "your imagination is better than what probably happened" crap, give me an answer and I'll follow the rest of your beautifully woven story.
  8. Trai turner

    Who asked for that? He asked for a fat sum of money for his services, get out there and a least don't get forced right into our quarterback.
  9. You want a fat deal but can’t play better? He was suppose to improve pass blocking but boy he costed us last night. Cox owned him so bad it flat out lead to a pick, Luke getting knocked out and points given up. not to mention his vaunted run blocking has been lacking.
  10. WATChed most of season 1, heard the creators had no intention of revealing what happened and I immediately dropped it. i don’t need a good answer at all and yes I love a show about characters but not answering was unforgivable for me.
  11. Frustrating play call

    Give me a break. Shula has had two good weeks in a row and still gets threads like this. I’m not saying celebrate the guy but he gets hammered when we do bad but when we do well little credit is due.
  12. Has Worley Regressed?

    I was at the game and it stood out to me that he was being targeted by stafford. Make of that what you will.
  13. Twin peaks

    I heard it was more the network demanded the mystery explained. Lynch was not pleased at all and hit the road. yeah the show is very hard to figure out. I had to read online to figure out season 3 but it mostly makes sense... except Audery, still have no idea what her story was suppose to be, ESPECIALLY her last scene.
  14. Netflix Recommendation - Gerald's Game

    Absolutely loved it. Was surprised how much so. Very impressed. One of my now favorite Stephen King adaptations.
  15. Twin peaks

    Not till just recently. I need to see the movie Fire walk with me.